Veganuary may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up your newly adopted plant-based diet, especially if you’ve enjoyed the challenge of switching from meat-focused meals! Whether you’re attempting a vegan diet for ethical, environmental or health reasons, Pure Dairy-Free has launched a new product to help you stay on track.

Go to any supermarket, and you’re likely to be met with whole aisles dedicated to plant-based foods ranging from vegan ‘meats’ to dairy-free milk, chocolate, cakes, yoghurts, and even ice cream. You may have surprised yourself by discovering that many animal-free alternatives taste similar to or even better than the original options. Indeed, plant-based food industries are whipping up tasty vegan alternatives to our favourite snacks at an impressive rate. Even vegan sceptics can’t deny it; we all know of one hardcore meat-eater who enjoys a veggie burger from time to time. However, there is one plant-based product that is ridiculed by non-vegans and comes under intense scrutiny from vegans the world over, a product that seems very hard to please: plant-based cheese.

Pure Plant-Based Grated
© Pure

However, Pure Plant-Based Grated may be a game-changer.

Pure Plant-Based Grated makes a good first impression for all cheese lovers as it does what it says on the packet; the pre-grated cheese spares you the time and hassle of locating a cheese grater, so it’s ready to sprinkle (or drench) over your delicious pasta, bread or jacket potato. Like typical dairy choices, Pure Plant-Based Grated is an all-rounder as its smooth and meltable texture makes it versatile for all types of meals; it can be used to create macaroni cheese or cheese fondus.

Pure Plant-Based Grated offers a simple swap for anyone looking to follow a vegan diet but doesn’t want to lose out on a satisfying cheese fix.

It’s pure and simple

Pure is best known for its range of trusted dairy-free spreads, including creamy plant-based butter. The company was founded in 1994 and has since embarked on a mission to help people eat dairy-free over the last few decades. The name “Pure” reflects the company’s promise; to keep products pure and simple, with transparency on ingredients. It prides itself on producing vegan, gluten and lactose-free foods, which are free from GM ingredients, artificial flavours, and hydrogenated fats. Pure’s positive contribution to the environment is apparent by its refusal to use anything other than sustainable palm oil.

Our verdict

We had the pleasure of sampling Pure Plant-Based Grated, which didn’t fall short of expectations. The coconut-based texture gives the vegan cheese that distinguishable creamy taste, ideal for a perfect cheese and onion sandwich. But things got better once it started to heat up! The golden hue and gooey texture of the melted cheese spilling over toasted bread made us impatient to take a bite of a much-loved winter snack – cheese on toast.

Pure Plant-Based Grated
© Pure

Despite its smooth texture and creamy taste, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t entirely resemble the old dairy classic. This is because the production of dairy cheese comprises proteins binding together, whereas there isn’t any altering of proteins with vegan cheese. This may be a deal breaker for non-committed vegans, but for those determined to stick with a plant-based diet, we think it’s worth a try!

Pure Plant-Based Grated is best enjoyed in the company of traditional toppings such as tomatoes, onions, pesto, jalapeños and sauces etc., as this brings more flavours to your palate.

Vegan cheese industries are churning out breakthroughs every day, so who knows what the future holds. One thing is for sure; Pure has undoubtedly raised the current standard.

Pure Plant-Based Grated is available in local Sainsburys. RRP £2.00 / 160g

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