Saturday, March 28, 2020

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Diet & nutrition

Good gut health – 6 myths about your gut that you...

Gut health has never been trendier – but it can still be a confusing topic for consumers. We speaks to a microbiome expert to help sort fact from fiction.

How to get a healthy gut – Liz Earle’s tips for...

A healthy digestive system is important for physical health and mental wellbeing. We speak to wellbeing guru Liz Earle on her golden rules for gut health.

What are activated nuts and how to activate nuts to boost...

According to some health experts, soaking nuts in water and salt can boost their nutritional benefits. We explain how to activate nuts at home.

What foods to eat to improve your immune system

Want to do everything you can to keep colds, coughs and other more serious viruses at bay? Discover how to ward off winter bugs through your stomach.

What are carotenoids and how can you get more into your...

As new research shows eating carotenoids can give you a golden glow and improve your health, we explain what they are and how to get more of them.

What is moringa and what health benefits does it offer?

Nicknamed ‘the miracle tree, moringa is popular with wellness fans as it's packed with antioxidants, protein and all nine essential amino acids.

Coronavirus and vitamin C – 6 reasons to regularly take vitamin...

As a study examines whether vitamin C might help beat coronavirus or Covid-19, here’s how taking vitamin C can help improve your overall health.

4 reasons to try matcha and is blue matcha as good...

Matcha has taken the food world by storm with chefs and baristas finding clever ways to mix it into all kinds of weird and wonderful recipes.

Drinking milk linked to increased breast cancer risk, study says

As research has associated even a moderate intake of milk with a greater risk of breast cancer in women, is it time to switch to plant-based alternatives?

6 of the healthiest foods in the world

Not all healthy foods are made equal – get to know these health-promoting powerhouses that pack a potent punch of essential vitamins and nutrients.