Sunday, December 15, 2019

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Diet & nutrition

Top foods for joint health – 10 foods that can help...

Looking for foods that can help arthritis symptoms and lower pain? Get expert advice on the 10 foods that could help keep joints healthy during colder winter.

Blueberry health benefits – how to eat more blueberries to lower...

Blueberry health benefits ‘can improve cardiovascular health’ – how to eat more blueberries to lower blood pressure and boost heart health.

How to cure a hangover quickly – 27 best hangover cure...

Need to know how to cure a hangover quickly? Wise Living spoke to nutrition experts on the best food and drink to cure a hangover and stop nausea.

Microbiomes explained: why gut health is key to your wellbeing

A guide to microbiomes: what is a microbiome, how it affects your health and why boosting your gut health is important for your wellbeing.

Gut health: how to deal with IBS in party season

Learn how to manage your IBS during Christmas despite all that party food – 6 tips for getting through the festive season without a flare-up.

9 surprising ways honey can boost health and wellbeing

Honey's antibacterial, antioxidant and healing properties offer surprising benefits for your whole body – no wonder Winnie the Pooh loves it so much.

5 ways to lower your risk of high cholesterol

Too much cholesterol in the blood raises the risk of heart disease and stroke. Here are 5 tips for keeping your heart healthy this winter.

9 surprising health benefits of festive mulled wine

Made with red wine, citrus fruits and aromatic spices, mulled wine is a must at Christmas. Discover the surprising health benefits of this festive drink.

Kombucha, the new fizzy fermented tea craze explained

The millennia-old fizzy tea with live bacteria is proving a big hit across the UK – but what is it, where can you try it, and is it safe?

Eating avocados may help prevent weight gain in middle age

Avocados are delicious but their fat content deters many healthy eaters, however, researchers now say just one per day may help to curb middle-age spread.