Diving into the world of baking can be a culinary adventure for both novice chefs and seasoned pros alike. However, baking success is often dependent on having the right tools. The bakeware you choose profoundly influences your baking outcomes, from perfect pies to tasty bread.

Hit the shops and you’ll see shelves overflowing with bakeware, which means identifying the essential features can be a game-changer. In this guide, we look at the top bakeware selections, exploring the crucial purchase considerations while sifting through the less critical ones. Ready to elevate your baking experience? Let’s dive in.


Best bakeware for beginners

For budding bakers, simplicity is the key. Starter kits typically encompass versatile essentials: a round cake pan for timeless classic cakes, a biscuit sheet for those simple treats, a loaf pan for bread or loaf cakes, and a muffin tin for cupcakes or breakfast goodies.

Non-stick versions ensure ease of use, reducing the early frustrations of sticking disasters. Equipped with these basics, new bakers can confidently tackle most baking recipes, gradually expanding their toolkit as their passion and skills flourish.

Bakeware materials and their benefits

Ceramic bakeware: elegance in baking

A revered choice, ceramic bakeware stands out for its superior heat retention capabilities, meaning baked dishes cook evenly and efficiently. Its inherent non-stick quality makes it a prime pick for pies and tarts as well as casseroles. Its aesthetic appeal means that these dishes aren’t just functional — they’re dinner table-ready after a trip from the oven. On top of this, they offer ease of cleaning and are free from harmful toxins.

Glass: through the looking oven door

The transparency of glass bakeware isn’t just its unique appeal but also a functional advantage, allowing vigilant bakers to oversee their creation’s progress without any oven door interruptions. With commendable heat distribution and retention, glass is a baker’s reliable ally. However, it’s prudent to transition it gradually between temperature extremes to prevent unexpected breaks.

Silicone: flexibility meets function

Silicone bakeware’s claim to fame is its unparalleled flexibility, ensuring that treats pop out effortlessly after baking. Resilient against temperature variations, this bakeware seamlessly transitions from freezer chills to oven thrills. Yet, its pliability suggests a judicious pairing with a sturdy tray for more substantial mixtures.

Cast iron: the hearty tradition

The longevity of cast iron bakeware in culinary histories isn’t just nostalgic but rooted in its unparalleled heat distribution and retention prowess. While it’s a patience-tester during the initial heating phase, its subsequent consistent performance is worth the wait. Its weighty presence commands respect and meticulous care to avoid oxidation.

Stainless steel: the seek performer

Stainless steel bakeware, with its sleek demeanour, promises durability and a commendable resistance against rust. While it efficiently channels heat for uniform baking, an astute baker’s watchful eye can counteract any potential hot spots, and it can sometimes still result in stains. Budget-conscious bakers will find it particularly appealing for its affordability.

Non-stick: the effortless release

For those who prioritise convenience, non-stick bakeware emerges as the hero. Made from metal with a non-stick layer, it ensures baked delicacies slide out easily, minimising the fuss of preparatory greasing. However, cherishing its smooth surface by avoiding abrasive utensils can provide lasting companionship in the kitchen.

Must have bakeware

Selection of springform cake tins

Springform cake tin

A springform cake tin is the secret behind impeccably presented cheesecakes and tortes. With its clever design featuring a removable ring, it gracefully unveils delicate desserts without a crumb out of place. It’s not just about the looks; a round springform cake tin ensures even baking and a flawless release, making it a cherished tool for those aiming to impress.


Bundt tin

A bundt tin transforms ordinary cake batters into sculptural masterpieces. With its distinctive ring shape and ornate designs, this pan brings a touch of elegance to the table. It’s not just a pretty face; the innovative design ensures even baking and a golden crust, earning its place in the hearts of those who adore a blend of tradition and artistry.

Muffin tin

A muffin tin is perfect for making muffins, cupcakes, fairy cakes, mince pies, Yorkshire puddings, and many other individual treats. Opt for a non-stick coated 12 hole muffin tin.

Madeleine tin

A Madeleine tin lets you craft the dainty, shell-shaped Madeleine cookies that transport taste buds to a quaint French patisserie. This specialised pan ensures the perfect rise and signature hump, balancing a light texture and a rich buttery flavour.

Tart tin

Tart Pan is a quintessential tool for those who find joy in crafting picturesque tarts. With its fluted edges and removable bottom, it creates a perfectly crimped crust and ensures a seamless release. It’s a staple for those whose hearts beat for the refined charm of fruit tarts, quiches, and other gourmet delights.

Doughnut pan

Crafting homemade doughnuts is a joyous endeavour made delightful with the Doughnut Pan. With its circular moulds, it shapes the dough to perfection, creating the golden, ringed treats that are a symbol of sweet indulgence. It’s a gateway to experimenting with flavours and glazes, bringing the beloved bakery delight into the home kitchen.


Ramekins are the unsung kitchen heroes, offering versatility in petite form. Perfect for crème brûlées, soufflés, and individual servings of joy, these small ceramic or glass dishes are a testament to the culinary adage that good things often come in small packages.

Deciphering the dimensions: Choosing the correct sizes in bakeware

One of the most important factors in baking success is choosing the right selection of baking pans with the right size and depth.

The baking tray, the staple of the baking world, comes in different sizes, shapes and depths, so it’s a good idea to make sure you know the dimensions of your oven before buying to ensure they fit.

Look for a 12-hole cupcake/muffin tin and a 1lb loaf tin for simple cakes and bread.

Opt for at least two round sandwich tins for layered cakes such as the classic Victoria sponge cake. 20cm is a common size.

Round cake pans and their Springform siblings are essential for creating layered cakes and delicate cheesecakes. 

Tart tins, especially a fluted edge, are useful for pie and tarts of all types. A standard size is 20cm.

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