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Welcome to Wise Living Magazine

Wise Living is the UK’s newest online magazine for readers with a passion for health, travel, fitness, food, home and garden, and personal finance.

We’re there to help you live life to the full, with advice and tips from household names and recognised experts in health, nutrition, wellbeing, money, homes, gardens and travel.

Wise Living provides helpful advice on the best brands, products and services, with advice articles and buyers guides designed to help readers make the right decision for them.

We’re a vibrant, positive site that helps readers live a healthier and happier life.

Health and wellbeing – expert advice on fitness, exercise and health including mental wellbeing, healthy eating, nutrition and expert advice on training and diet.

Home and garden – celebrity interviews and advice from dealing home decor, gardening, DIY, home maintenance and getting the most from your property.

Food and drink – fantastic recipes from celebrity chefs, through to healthy eating, diet, nutrition and interviews with food writers and experts.

Personal finance – detailed, authoritative guides to insurance, pension planning, savings and investments, and brilliant money-saving tips.

Travel and adventure – UK and European travel, long-haul, river and ocean cruises, escorted tours and solo travel with inspirational ideas and practical travel advice.

We feature articles, interviews and recipes from well-known household names – from Paula Radcliffe’s running techniques to recipes from Mary Berry, along with the likes of Davina McCall, James Martin, Mr Motivator, Deliciously Ella, Greg Wallace and Marcus Wareing to name a few.

Meet the team

Wise Living is a team of consumer lifestyle editors and journalists from UK newspapers and magazines that deliver engaging, absorbing content that makes a difference in readers’ lives. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram – why not join us on social media!

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Our address is:

27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX

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Shredded brussels sprouts, pancetta and cream cheese on toasted sourdough

A delicious combination of shredded Brussels sprouts, crispy pancetta and French garlic and herb cream cheese for a flavourful sandwich.

Beetroot truffles