There are certain milestones in your flying journey that you are not likely to forget anytime soon. Travelling on a bus, train, or airplane for the first time will be up there as moments you will always remember.

Even if you have flown many times, taking a private jet is very different from flying in a commercial plane. People who have sat in first class and been pampered on international flights still remark that when they spend time in a private jet for the first time, they feel as though they are in another world.


If you are hesitant about flying private because you would feel out of place or uncertain of how to handle yourself, we have a guide that will help a great deal.

Below is our rundown of five tips that will help you prepare for your first private jet flight in 2023.

1. Arrive on time

One of the most significant advantages of travelling by private jet is that you do not have to arrive 30 to 60 minutes before your flight. Many people are used to how they have to plan their trip when they are flying commercially, as going through security can take a lot of time.

Closeup view of private jet airplane parked at outside

Private flights have a much simpler process for going through security. When you journey from a prominent airport, try to arrive there around 15 minutes before your departure time. When the plane departs from a smaller airport, you can even get to the airport five minutes before the flight is set to leave, as you will have plenty of time to get to the tarmac and board your flight.

2. Avoid overpacking

While there may not be strict limits for how much luggage you can take on a private jet charter, do be mindful that you are flying in a small aircraft. If you are travelling as a bigger group, ensure each person only brings a single suitcase.

If you have too many items, the crew may be unable to fit everything onto the plane, seat all the passengers, and remain within the plane’s mandated weight limit. When you are unsure about how much you can bring on a private charter, be sure to ask the company ahead of time. They will be happy to provide you with detailed information on this matter.

3. Dress for the occasion

Flying by a private jet does not mean you have to wear a suit and tie. If you are going on a family vacation, you can dress casually in a manner that befits the occasion. Do ensure that you are dressed smartly and as though you put some effort into choosing your outfit. Looking as though you just rolled out of bed while you sit in a private jet may seem a little tacky.

Mature business woman in coat near her jet in airport

If you are travelling for business, be a little more careful about how you dress. While comfort does matter when flying, you do not want to offend a team or company leader. You may think that you are dressing in a cosy manner, but your boss may view your attire as disrespectful to the company you are representing on these travels.

4. Behave with dignity and respect

Flying private is a luxurious and exclusive experience and should be respected as such. You are not going to the mall or flying a local airline, rather a private plane! Ensure you are on your best behaviour as soon as you arrive outside the plane. Treat the pilot and crew with respect, maintain your demeanour and behaviour throughout the flight, and try to avoid making a mess on the plane.

Even if you are the one renting the jet, consider that people have to clean up after your trip. Try to pick up anything that you may have dropped while on the plane before you depart. Private charter companies appreciate customers who go the extra mile to respect their planes.

5. Seat yourself appropriately

People assume that because they are flying via a private jet, they can sit anywhere they want on the plane. Think very carefully before you sit down in a private plane, as you do not want to cause any offence.

If you are the person paying for the trip, then you should get to choose your seat before anyone else. Then everyone else can find their seats, or you can even pick a specific seat for a friend or loved one who you are treating to this occasion.
When someone else is paying for the jet, ensure they are sitting first and only sit down when everyone else has found their seat. If you are travelling for business, sit on the plane by seniority, ensuring that team leaders take their seats before you do.

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