Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Exercise & fitness

TV’s Poirot David Suchet on getting older and keeping fit in...

At 73, TV’s Poirot David Suchet chats to Wise Living Magazine about how he hopes his fitness regime will lengthen his career as an actor.

6 reasons to keep active and exercise this autumn and winter

Exercise in autumn and winter is essential to keeping healthy. So, say no to the sofa and yes to a workout. Here are six reasons, you'll be glad you did.

Yoga for over 50 – 10 health benefits of yoga

Interested in yoga for over 50? We’ve put together a guide to the 10 health benefits of yoga for the over 50s.

Gyms near me – how to find the best gym

Pick the best workout near you, what to look for in a gym, and how to join the right one for you.

Find a personal trainer: hiring a personal trainer

Improve your fitness with our guide on how to find a personal trainer - from costs to the qualifications to look for.

Brainpower: exercises that can boost your brain

Boost your brain power, improve your memory and concentration with everyday sports and activities you can try today for better brain health.