Thursday, June 4, 2020

    Peach and dulce de leche cake (David Loftus/PA) Peach and dulce de leche cake recipe with meringues and cream Peach and dulce de leche cake – all in one tin. Layers of light, fluffy sponge soaked in peach syrup and dulce de leche, decorated with peach slices and... Recipes READ MORE Worried what the pandemic means for your pension? (iStock/PA) Coronavirus and your pension – what you need to know Worried what the pandemic means for your pension? Here’s why it’s best to think carefully before making knee-jerk decisions to keep your pension on track. Pensions & retirement READ MORE Eating different salad and appetizer on wooden table top view 7 health benefits of being a vegetarian From lower cholesterol and a longer life expectancy to glowing skin, Wise Living explores some of the health benefits of adopting a vegetarian diet. Diet & nutrition READ MORE Famous bridges picture quiz Bridges picture quiz – can you match the city with its famous bridge? From curved, metallic modernism to ancient, crumbling stone, bridges are iconic sights. Try our famous bridges picture quiz and test your knowledge. Online quiz games READ MORE Plants for shade Plants for shade – 7 tips for planting a shady spot in your garden Need to create some shade in a sunny garden? Discover the best plants for shade and how to plant for a shady spot so you can enjoy your garden... Your garden READ MORE


    Sustainable gardening products

    7 innovative and sustainable gardening products

    From eco-friendly home composters to super quick pizza ovens and inventive garden lighting, here are 7 smart, high-tech and sustainable gardening products.
    Prostate cancer facts

    Prostate cancer facts – what you need to know about this common cancer

    As prostate cancer overtakes breast cancer to become the most common form of the disease, cancer experts outline the key prostate cancer facts you need to know.
    How to meditate for beginners guide

    How to meditate for beginners – expert tips on how to meditate properly

    Find wellbeing balance with these expert tips on starting to meditate with our easy-to-follow guide on how to mediate for beginners and find inner peace.
    Generic photo of a woman writing in a notepad (ThinkStock/PA)

    Gratitude list – how writing one can boost your wellbeing and how to get started

    Who doesn't love a good list? Here's how writing down what you’re thankful for transforms wellbeing – and how to start a gratitude list.
    Vegan gardening

    Vegan gardening – the dos and don’ts of being a vegan gardener

    If you care about what you eat, you probably care about how food is grown too. Gardening expert Matthew Appleby shares some top tips for vegan gardening.

    Wise Living essentials


    5 fabulous destinations for wine holidays

    With wine sales soaring in lockdown, here are five beautiful grape-growing regions to visit in the future for fabulous wine holidays based on our favourite tipples.

    Cauliflower cheese and white bean bake

    Perfect veggie comfort food – Jack Monroe's cauliflower cheese is just as comforting as the original, but with more protein and a crisp breadcrumb topping.

    How to make Pam Corbin’s sushi ginger

    Thinly sliced pickled ginger delievers a zing to all sorts of foods, from sushi and smoked salmon to salads and even cakes. Try Pam Corbin's easy sushi ginger recipe.


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