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Roast lamb with garden veg, oregano and feta from Recipes From The Farm

Our favourite recipes to enjoy this spring

Spring is on its way and we've put together a selection of our favourite spring-time recipes for you to enjoy as the days get warmer.
Beautiful white horses running on the water against the background of flying flamingos at soft sunset light, Parc Regional de Camargue

The most spectacular wetlands around the world

Known as ‘Earth’s kidneys’ because of the way they filter water, Wetlands play a vital role for the Earth. Check out these stunning waterways.
A pair of hands pruning a lilac after flowering

The shrubs you should NOT prune in early spring

With the warm weather encouraging growth, leave these 6 flowering shrubs alone for the time being or you may lose this year’s blooms.
Spring clean finances

5 simple ways to spring clean your finances

Having a financial ‘tidy up’ now at the start of the new financial year could produce big rewards in the longer term.
Where to see snowdrops near me Snowdrops in Rococo Garden.

7 places to see dazzling drifts of snowdrops this February

You know it’s the end of winter when these little white blooms appear. Hannah Stephenson reveals some of the best spots to enjoy them.

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Best bakeware to buy

Baking success is often dependent on having the right tools. In this guide, we look at the top bakeware selections you should consider.

Best UK woods for a free winter walk

Enjoy a free winter wonderland with a walk through some of the UK's best woods. The Woodland Trust suggests 15 woods to explore this winter.

Chocolate orange tear and share wreath

Experience a harmonious blend of rich chocolate and vibrant orange in our decadent sharing wreath—a perfect centrepiece for joyous celebrations.

Beetroot truffles

Combining the earthy richness of beetroot with a delectable sweetness, these beetroot truffles are a satisfying and nutritious delight.

Savoury cheesecake with grapes and figs

An exquisite savoury cheesecake adorned with sweet grapes and succulent figs – perfect instead of a cheeseboard or as a buffet centrepiece.