Whether you’ve just started running or you’re an experienced athlete, there are plenty of reasons people decide to use an indoor treadmill. Maybe you don’t like the cold weather, you’re worried about running in the dark, or you don’t have a good route nearby. There is also the risk of picking up an injury from running on slippery, uneven pavements and muddy surfaces.

But not everyone has the time to go to the gym, and not everyone has a big enough space at home for a standard treadmill.


Luckily there is a solution – the foldable treadmill.

Benefits of a foldable treadmill

Woman using foldable treadmill at home

Size – Most people write off having a treadmill at home as they immediately think of them as big and bulky machines. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Foldable treadmills are often smaller than traditional treadmills, occupying much less space. You can simply unfold the treadmill in your front room, kitchen or spare room. Even if you have a home gym space, a foldable treadmill takes up less space so that you can fit in even more exercise equipment.

Time – A foldable treadmill can be a huge time saver. Not everyone has time to go to the gym, so having a foldable treadmill at home means you can exercise whenever you have a few minutes – just unfold it and start exercising.

Easy to move – Moving a traditional, non-folding model from one position to another can be challenging. Foldable treadmills are often lightweight and have wheels, making them much easier to move, so you can exercise when and where it’s most convenient for you.

Easy storage – Foldable treadmills are also much easier to store than normal treadmills. When you’re not using the treadmill, you can simply fold it up and put it away, getting the most out of your living space. Depending on the size of your foldable treadmill, you can store it under the sofa, under a desk or even prop it against the wall.

Easy to clean – Cleaning a traditional treadmill can pose a challenge – especially when trying to clean the bottom of the machine without tipping it over. Foldable treadmills are much easier to clean because you can simply fold them up to get to all the nooks and crannies. 

What to look for when choosing a foldable treadmill

Before you start shopping for the best foldable treadmill, you should consider what features and styles will be the best for you.

For example, if you’re planning to use your treadmill more for running than walking, check that the treadmill is suitable in terms of speed settings and the width of the belt.

When choosing a treadmill, consider whether you want an electric or non-electric model. If you opt for a foldable electric treadmill, you’ll need to make sure you have a suitable space for it near a power outlet. You should also decide whether you want a foldable treadmill with an incline.

Some other things to look out for include safety features, price and size.

Our foldable treadmill recommendations

Mobvoi home treadmill

Perfect for small homes or apartments where space is limited – the Mobvoi home treadmill is a sleek and compact machine that’s easy to store, whether under the sofa or bed or just against the wall.

It offers walking and running modes with adjustable speeds of up to 12km/h. Its five-layered belt is 40cm wide and about 100cm in length.

This machine comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, which is perfect for those who like working out to their favourite tunes.

Mobvoi Home Treadmill Foldable, Electric 2.25HP, Built-in Bluetooth Speaker, Remote Control, Walking...
  • Walking and Running Mode: Two exercise modes and adjustable speed of up to 12km/h to meet your preference
  • Remote and Touch Control: You can turn on/off the machine or adjust the speed by using the remote control or touch control panel
  • Foldable Design for Easy Storage: Save space by storing the machine under the bed or sofa

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Botorro treadmill

This foldable treadmill has a speed range between 1-9mph. Its display screen shows time, steps, distance and calories, making it easy to track your workout and stay on top of your progress.

At nearly 52Kg, this machine is on the heavier side, but it does have wheels for easy moving.

The Botorro treadmill has a generous 47cm belt width, so you’ll have plenty of room to run and walk. With 14 shock absorption points and an anti-slip 7-layer tread belt, this foldable treadmill protects your knees, ankles, and waist joints. The best thing about the Botorro treadmill is that it arrives assembled, saving you the hassle and time of setting it up.

BOTORRO Folding Treadmill Walk Running Machine Foldable Portable Professional Treadmills 1-9MPH /...
  • 【Designed For The Whole Family】:The Handrail height of the Home Treadmill can be adjusted freely with the help of gas spring design according to different height requirements, adults and...
  • 【No Assembly & 100%Fully Foldable】:The folding Treadmill is completely assembled. It doesn't need any tools to be assembled or folded. Turn the gas spring bars to the unlock position, raise or...
  • 【Double Supports Stable Structure】:The double columns support with triangular structure give the Treadmill a double-supports stable structure. also the main frame is made of high-strength 6063...

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Dripex 2 in 1

This sleek treadmill comes in two stylish colourways – red and blue – and folds to fit neatly under a bed or sofa with a thickness of just 5 inches.

It offers both walking mode and running mode on a 5-layer belt If you unfold the handlebars, the machine will automatically switch to walking mode, which is perfect for using it as an under-desk walking pad. If you keep the handlebars up, they will stay in running mode, meaning you can use them as a full-fledged treadmill.

With its built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy your music while walking or jogging.

DripeX 2-in-1 Folding Electric Treadmill, Quiet Treadmill, Motor 2.25 HP (550W) up to 12 KM/H,...
  • 2 in 1 Foldable Treadmill with two modes: Our stylish Dripex 2 in 1 treadmill has two modes to meet your different fitness needs. When the posts unfold, the treadmill is set to "running" mode with a...
  • Quiet & Powerful 2.25 HP Motor & Shockproof Racing Platform: With a quiet and powerful 2.25 HP motor, this treadmill allows you to do your daily workouts without disturbing others, making it a good...
  • Built in Bluetooth Speaker & Remote Control: With its built in speaker, you can easily connect your phone to the treadmill via Bluetooth, enjoy your favourite song or music while walking or running....

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Todo treadmill

The Todo treadmill is a lightweight foldable treadmill packed with features. It has a wide non-slip belt that features 8 shock-absorbant cushions to protect your knees and joints. The treadmill comes with a safety key which stops the motor instantly if pulled.

One of the best features of this product is its wide LED display screen. This makes it easy to read time, speed, distance and calories burned, which is extremely useful for tracking your workout.

TODO Treadmills for Home Foldable,2.5HP Folding Treadmill,Widened Running Belt,Easy Assembly,...
  • 【Folding Treadmill】With a powerful and quiet 2.5HP motor.This folding treadmill can give you speeds of up to 12km/h. The armrest can provide you with additional support and safety
  • 【LED Display】Our foldable treadmill comes with a tablet holder. The speed button on the panel can quickly provide the corresponding speed. The large screen provides clear data display makes it...
  • 【Easy to Install and Store】Just install handrails on both sides to use the portable treadmill normally . Folded size is 53*29*5.5 inch, allowing it to be stored under sofa and bed. The foldable...

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Nero Sports

The best feature of the Nero Sports treadmill is its excellent adjustable incline settings. This is a great feature if you want to mix up your routine or if you’re looking to challenge yourself with a tougher workout.

At 24kg, this is lighter than most alternatives, making it very easy to move and store.

The built-in phone and tablet stand are an excellent way to stay entertained while you’re exercising. Whether you’re watching your favourite shows or films, it’s a great way to stay motivated during your workout.

Nero Sports - Electric Treadmill Foldable Motorized with KINOMAP ZWIFT Bluetooth connection 24 month...
  • ✔ Bluetooth Connectivity to KINOMAP and ZWIFT (FREE app download required) - Connects iPhone, iPad & Android
  • ✔ Adjustable Incline (3 levels) ✔SmartPhone App Control ✔ Smart phone / tablet stand ✔ FREE Bottle
  • ✔ Log training activity indoor & Outdoor while Running preset google maps

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Bluefin treadmill

The bluefin treadmill has a manually adjustable incline of up to 18 degrees.

This treadmill is a top choice for those who love monitoring their workouts. It has integrated hand sensors for heart rate monitoring. It is also compatible with a wireless heart rate strap.

This treadmill could be a top choice for fitness fanatics who love to monitor their progress. With integrated hand sensors for heart rate monitoring, as well as compatibility with a wireless heart rate strap, you’ll be able to get all the workout data you will need.

Bluefin Fitness KICK 2.0 Innovative High-Speed Folding Treadmill | Kinomap | Live Video Streaming |...
  • LOOKING FOR A GENUINE RUNNING EXPERIENCE AT HOME? Our running machine arrives 90% assembled. Simple set up with help guide. Instantly fold up compact, portable Kick & slide away till your next run
  • JOINT PROTECTING SHOCK ABSORPTION - Joining the family of top-notch treadmills. Unique Aero-damping system makes every stride as smooth & low impact as possible. Extra large 5-layer anti-static track...
  • QUIET, ENERGY EFFICIENT MOTOR- Designed for professional training. Silent & efficient motor for speeds up to 12 Km/h, with 18% manual incline. Automatic drive recalibration with every step for smooth...

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The Costway treadmill comes in six great colours, so you’re sure to find one that fits your style. This treadmill also comes with a safety key that can be used to stop the machine immediately in case of an emergency.

With the built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can easily listen to your favourite workout tunes as you exercise.

In addition to the touchscreen that allows you to adjust speed, the treadmill comes with a remote control that can be used to change settings.

COSTWAY 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill, 2.25HP Folding Walking Running Machine with Dual LED Displays,...
  • 【Dual Display Screen Design】The touch screen on the armrest allows you to freely adjust the speed. When you run, there will be a colorful line flashing, giving you a cool running experience. The...
  • 【2 in 1 Running & Walking Treadmill】This 2-in-1 treadmill has 2 modes to meet your different sports needs. When the handrail is folded, it can be used as a under desk treadmill at a speed of...
  • 【Powerful Motor & Remote Control】With a powerful motor on the base, this under desk treadmill will provide you with high intensity exercise. And it won’t make any noise when you run or walk on...

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