Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Pensions & retirement

Retirement savings guide – how much do I need to retire?

Read our expert guide to how much retirement savings you need to live well in retirement.

Retire to Australia: expert guide to retiring Down Under

With careful planning and reasonable assets, you can be enjoying the famed Australian weather and laid-back attitude when you retire to Australia.

Making a will: how to make a will

Learn how to make a will - from dividing your estate to choosing an executor - with our guide.

Retiring to Spain: a guide to retiring abroad

Retiring to Spain is relatively easy. You can access Spain’s healthcare, register for a GP, access your pension and buy property.

Private pension top-up: adding to your pension

Save more for retirement with a private pension top up. Read our guide to how to increase pension contributions and tax relief.

Pension drawdown – flexible retirement income

Taking money out of your pension? Read our guide to pension drawdown, how it works and if it's best for you.