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Chocolate orange tear and share wreath

Experience a harmonious blend of rich chocolate and vibrant orange in our decadent sharing wreath—a perfect centrepiece for joyous celebrations.

Shredded brussels sprouts, pancetta and cream cheese on toasted sourdough

A delicious combination of shredded Brussels sprouts, crispy pancetta and French garlic and herb cream cheese for a flavourful sandwich.

Beetroot truffles

Combining the earthy richness of beetroot with a delectable sweetness, these beetroot truffles are a satisfying and nutritious delight.

Savoury cheesecake with grapes and figs

An exquisite savoury cheesecake adorned with sweet grapes and succulent figs – perfect instead of a cheeseboard or as a buffet centrepiece.

Cranberry and white chocolate cake

This Cranberry and White Chocolate Cake is incredibly rich and bursting with flavour, while the cranberries provide the ideal pop of fruity delight.

Beetroot, raisin and stem ginger pudding

This tasty steamed pudding is a light alternative to a traditional Christmas pudding and is delicious served with custard or brandy cream.

Clementine and walnut streusel mince pies

A festive twist on the classic mince pies. These open pies have a delicious pastry, filled with mincemeat and topped with nutty streusel.

Vegan Shallot Tantanmen Ramen

Creamy sesame shallot broth, noodles, and a topping of crispy tofu and shallots come together to make the ultimate bowl of comfort food. 

In celebration of British Tomato fortnight: our favourite recipes with toms!

Here in the UK, we loved our home-grown tomatoes. In celebration of British Tomato Fortnight, here are some of our favourite tomato recipes.

How to create the ultimate cheeseboard

Crafting the ultimate cheeseboard has never been simpler with our in-depth guide to what cheeses to use, accompaniments and how to serve.