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Aubergine, tomato and shallot pide

Try this delicious vegetarian Turkish-style pizza recipe. Make your own pizza dough or use a packet mix if you’re in a hurry!

Baked baby aubergine with spicy lentil and chickpea curry

In this vegan recipe, tender baby aubergines are served in a rich lentil and chickpea curry sauce, topped with a spoonful of yogurt.

Cream cheese orange bars

Sweet, creamy, buttery and very simple to make, these orange cream cheese bars are a great tea-time treat!

Shallot, potato and sausage hash with a fried egg

This tasty brunch dish of sausages, shallots and potatoes topped with a fried egg is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Strawberry chiffon celebration cake

Want a celebration cake with a wow factor? This pretty pink sponge cake made with pureed strawberries is moist and moreish.

Blueberry hot cross buns

Try this recipe that uses fresh blueberries to add an extra sweetness to this traditional Easter tea-time treat.

St Patrick’s Day pie with colcannon, carrots and Tenderstem broccoli

A rich Guinness-flavoured vegetarian pie that is perfect to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Serve with traditional colcannon and roasted carrots.

Hot chocolate bombs with exploding raspberry jellies

Discover how to make your own hot chocolate bomb that explodes in warm milk to reveal a fizzy raspberry jelly interior.

Shallot, sundried tomato, olive and chicken traybake

With everything cooked on just one tray, this tasty chicken and shallot traybake is so simple to put together. Perfect for a speedy supper!

Beetroot risotto with cream cheese

This vividly coloured risotto of sweet earthy beetroot and aromatic thyme, topped cream cheese, makes a delicious mid-week supper.