Saturday, September 26, 2020

5 new books to read this week

This week’s bookcase includes reviews of V2 by Robert Harris, Piranesi by Susanna Clarke and Fattily Ever After by Stephanie Yeboah.

How to grow gooseberries

Want an easy-to-grow fruit to put into mouth-watering crumbles and creamy fools? Follow our guide and learn how to grow gooseberries.

Looking for garden inspiration? Here are 5 great autumn garden ideas

As the days become shorter, gardens can start to look a little lacklustre and unloved. Here are 5 autumn garden ideas to get you started.

Greenhouse maintenance – 5 essential autumn greenhouse jobs

Gardening expert Matthew Biggs offers 5 tips on greenhouse maintenance to ensure you and your plants are ready for winter.

How to clean your house – 5 areas of your house...

When cleaning your home, there are some areas that often get missed. We've picked out some key places that can harbour dust, hair and grime.

Autumn flowers for containers – 5 ways to bring autumnal colour...

Keep your house and garden looking bright as it turns colder - expert guide to 5 autumn flowers for containers and how to plant them up.

8 ways to help the wildlife in your garden this winter

Winter is a time when wildlife needs an extra helping hand to survive the cold. Here are 8 ways you can start helping wildlife in winter.

How to grow an avocado in a pot

Full of healthy fats and nutrients, avocados are the perfect treat any time of day. Learn how to grow your own avocado in a pot at home.

Monty Don on encouraging wildlife in your garden

Gardener Monty Don talks about appreciating wildlife during lockdown and how gardeners can do their bit to encourage more wildlife.

Best chandeliers, pendant lights and lamps for your home

Now autumn is here, it's time to switch natural light for artificial. Here are some of the best buys in statement lighting.




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