Remortgaging your property allows you to switch to a new mortgage deal that provides you with more benefits. People often choose to remortgage to save on their mortgage repayments and to gather additional funds to meet their financial needs. We can suggest a free mortgage broker in Harrow.

When it comes to remortgaging your property, its valuation plays an important role. When you get a mortgage valuation of your property again, it allows the lender to provide you with the best remortgage deals.


This helps you determine your property’s market value before switching to a different mortgage. In most cases, the value of a property increases over time, leading to a lower LTV (loan-to-value) ratio and better interest rates. Whether you are staying with the same lender or switching to a new one, the remortgage valuation of your property will always play an important role in the remortgage process.

Tips To Get Your House Valued For Remortgage
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Tips to get your house valued for remortgage

If you are planning to remortgage your property and switch to a better mortgage deal, here are some remortgage valuation tips worth keeping in mind:

Work with a mortgage broker

It is advisable to work with a skilled and experienced local mortgage broker to find the best way to evaluate your property for remortgaging. Mortgage brokers have comprehensive market knowledge and are aware of productive ways to value your property. Based on your specific requirements, preferences, and circumstances, a mortgage broker would suggest you the best alternative for getting your property valued.

Instead of approaching the lender for valuation directly, talking to an experienced local mortgage broker would help you make better decisions. From suggesting suitable software to resolving your queries about property valuation, they would guide you every step of the way to make your process fruitful.

An ideal mortgage broker would scan the whole market and bring you the best remortgage deals offered by lenders who best suit your needs. They would also provide you with the valuation fees and methods used by different lenders to help you make a more comprehensive decision.

Moreover, companies like MariannaFS provide fee-free brokerage services to clients, helping them save a fortune they would otherwise spend on seeking brokerage services.

Choose lender remortgage valuation

Most lenders provide free valuation services as you remortgage your property. Especially if you are staying with the same lender, you can have them get the property valuation done and draw up an ideal remortgage deal based on the final market value of your property. The valuation of your property matters the most to your lender as it helps them ensure that the property is adequate security for your mortgage.

If you are switching to a new lender, they may carry out a complete remortgage valuation of your property with the help of a surveyor. They may also carry out a drive-by or automated desktop valuation based on their preferences. By getting your property valued, the lender would precisely indicate its market value by considering comparable sales data. The figure obtained after valuation helps your lender calculate the LTV for your new mortgage deal.

Go for an online property valuation

In the age of digitization, you can always opt for an online remortgage valuation of your property. This would allow you to look at your area’s ongoing property rates. Dedicated websites help you see comparable properties in the market and ascertain the value of your property accordingly. While this may not help you assess your property’s exact value, it would give you an initial idea of its worth.

Using online valuation tools is a convenient and realistic approach to getting your property valued as it takes data from the Land Registry Database for listing the actual property sales. They also show you the current asking prices of nearby properties to give you an idea about the ongoing property rates in the market.

Although online property valuation is a quick and convenient way of getting your property valued for remortgaging purposes, make sure it is not the only way you get your property valued. Ideally, starting with an online valuation is advisable, and then approaching your broker or lender to get a more precise valuation of your property.

Tips To Get Your House Valued For Remortgage
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Take help from an estate agent

You can also get help from an estate agent to value your property. They would provide you with their estimated price at which you can market your property. However, it is important to know that the value provided by an estate agent will not be the mortgage value of the property. It would be the value at which your property can be sold in the market. It is very likely for the value provided by an estate agent to be inflated. You will have to make an educated guess about the outstanding value of your property before you go ahead with remortgaging it.

Do not get disheartened if the property is down-valued

Although this is very rare, there may be a situation where the property’s value goes down over time. If you are faced with such a situation, do not get disheartened and ask the lender to use different valuation methods. Suppose your lender has carried out an online valuation of your property. In that case, you can ask them to go for a complete physical valuation to obtain the precise value of your property.

If your issue remains unresolved and the same lender values your property for a remortgage, you can try switching to a different lender. Remortgaging with a different lender may provide you with better rates and introductory offers that increase your benefits.

While getting your property revalued for a remortgage is not mandatory, it is advisable to take remortgage valuation seriously, especially if you are switching to a new mortgage after a long time. It would help you see how well your property has aged over time regarding its market value.

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