It’s very important to note that when it comes to vehicle care and driver’s safety, motorists usually neglect to look after the tyres and only focus on maintaining other parts like engine, battery and fuel levels to name a few. In reality, keeping check on main components along with car tyres should go hand in hand. Tyres are as important as other parts of your car. Tyres play an important role when it comes to car speed and control over your driving.

Here are some useful tyre care guidelines that a motorist can follow before heading for a drive.


Wheel Alignment

The alignment of wheels plays a major role when it comes to having a perfect control over your car. At times you might not notice but your car gets drifted in the wrong direction this is majorly because your wheels are not aligned properly. This can be dangerous especially if you are driving at a high speed. There are high chances that your car will lose control in such a situation. Hence checking if your wheels are correctly aligned should be one of your top priorities.

Pressure Levels

One of the most important checks when it comes to tyres is the pressure level in them. Having under inflated tyres can cause your tyres to flatten if you are taking your car for a long drive. It might survive a few miles but after that it will face a puncture. On the other hand tyres that are overinflated have more chances to burst if contacted with any pothole or road debris. Therefore in both the scenarios tyres should be well balanced to experience a trouble-free drive.

Tread Depth

Driving with insufficient tread depth is against motoring laws. Tread depth should not fall below 1.6mm, that is the minimum tread allowed for travelling. In case your tread depth has diminished below the minimum level and you are still driving with it , you are not only damaging your tyres further but also putting your life at risk. Not only this but if you are caught by motoring authorities you will also have to undergo a hefty amount of fine. As a result, if you want to avoid all such problems you need to get your tread checked from a reliable tyre garage.

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No Overloading

At times your car might not be able to withstand the weight of things that are overstuffed in your car. This can happen especially if you are going on holiday with an extreme amount of luggage in your car. The weight will put pressure on your tyres and they might wear out or in worst cases flatten. Therefore you need to be very careful when it comes to putting extra weight on your car.

Good Driving

Motorists who have a habit of rash driving face a lot of car trouble, not only their fuel consumption increases but also they unexpectedly damage their tyres. Tyres in such a situation are expected to wear out quickly as they might lose appropriate tread depth and the quality might suffer. Furthermore excessive use of brake and acceleration can put further pressure on tyres damaging its outer layer. So you need to make sure that you practice control on your driving speed to achieve a smooth and trouble free drive.

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