Want to up your makeup game and avoid those common makeup mistakes we all make? Get some advice from a Patrick Ta – makeup artist to the stars. Scroll through Patrick’s Instagram feed and you’ll be met with an absolute who’s who of Hollywood’s most beautiful women.

From pop stars Ariana Grande and Katy Perry to supermodels Adriana Lima and the Hadid sisters, these celebs regularly entrust Ta with the task of getting them red-carpet ready, so you can be sure this makeup artist knows his stuff when it comes to glam.

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With all those famous faces as clients, there’s a lot us mere mortals can learn from Ta – and not just about what products and techniques to use, but what NOT to do, to get the A-list look.

Common makeup mistakes and how to avoid

Here, the makeup maestro – who is currently working with Iconic London on the launch of its new Brow Silk – shares five common makeup mistakes and how to avoid them…

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1. Not prepping skin properly

“Skin prep is the most important step to me, for glowy skin and a perfect face of make-up,” Ta says.

“Skin prep is key to making foundation and concealer look radiant and flawless, and not fat or heavy.

“If you are acne-prone or have textured skin, I recommend exfoliating pre makeup – this creates a smoother base by removing dry skin.”

For perfectly primed and plump skin, the makeup artist relies on a much-loved luxury brand.

“I can’t live without my La Mer products! I start by massaging The Renewal Oil and Soft Cream all over the face. ”

La Mer Moisturising Cream
(La Mer/PA)

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream, Amazon

2. Over-plucking your brows

“Don’t be too heavy-handed with the tweezers,” Ta warns – he’s not a fan of the pencil brow trend.

“If you do have sparse hairs, I recommend using a small angled brush and the Iconic London Sculpt and Boost Eyebrow Cushion, to create the illusion of brow hairs where needed.

“After creating little hair-like strokes with the Brow Cushion, I love brushing the brows up with Iconic’s new Brow Silk.

“Even if you aren’t blessed in the eyebrow department after younger years of over-plucking, Brow Silk shapes, brushes up, adds fullness and sets the brows in place perfectly – achieving soft and subtle, yet still groomed, results.”

Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion Medium
(Iconic London/PA)

Iconic London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion Medium, Amazon

Iconic London Brow Silk & Brush
(Iconic London/PA)

Iconic London Brow Silk & Brush, Amazon

3. Applying too much eyeshadow

Google search stats reveal that mastering a classic smoky eye is a priority for many makeup lovers, but Ta thinks the multi-tonal look is overrated.

“I love using a single shadow on the eye,” he says. “I spend time creating depth and building the shadow up. This gives the illusion that you used multiple colours.

“Bronzers work great for this as well. I can’t stand when make-up looks messy or too many colours are mixed together.”

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed
(Urban Decay/PA)

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed, Amazon

4. Setting make-up with powder

You won’t find Ta ‘baking’ with powder (layering it on and allowing it to set before dusting off the excess), in fact he’s not a fan of a matte face at all.

“I prefer glowy, beautiful glam. I want the makeup to enhance features, not overpower them, so I say skip the powder,” he advises.

“Powder tends to magnify fine lines and age us. I find using a setting spray keeps your make-up longer lasting, and illuminates and brightens the skin.

“I love using the La Mer Mist on the perimeter of the face to keep it glowy, followed by spraying Iconic London’s Prep-Set-Glow.”

His mantra is: “Set it and totally forget it!”

La Mer The Mist
(La Mer/PA)

La Mer The Mist, Amazon

Iconic London Prep-Set-Glow Original
(Iconic London/PA)

Iconic London Prep-Set-Glow Original, Amazon

5. Using too much product

Ta’s other mantra? Less is more.

“This applies to everything and is my top tip to any aspiring makeup artist. It’s always better to go back in and apply more product if needed,” he says.

“I don’t love when there’s too much going on, like if you’re doing both an eye and a lip.

“I think natural, raw beauty is something people are really focusing on this year, which is why this trend is thriving.”


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