Why not finally master the trickiest beauty techniques? There’s less pressure while the social calendar is less full and, if you mess it up, you can just wipe the make-up off and try again. We’ve got 10 different types of makeup techniques you can practice and perfect.

10 types of makeup techniques

These are the most useful beauty skills to learn…


1. Contouring

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👃🏼NOSE CONTOUR 101! I prefer to contour with powder because I find it easier to control/blend out! Product placement is everything ladies. Keep these tips in mind when contouring your nose ✔️ The closer the two lines down the side of your nose are together, the slimmer your nose will appear ✔️Always connect your contour to your eyebrows ✔️ Clean up the sides by baking with a loose powder ✔️ Contour the tip of the nose to make your nose appear shorter and across the top for a button nose effect Products Used: @benefitcosmetics Hola Bronzer @lauramercier loose powder @sc eyeshadow brush @nyxcosmetics_canada Born to Glow @gpmakeupshop #gclasslashes in Madi

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Contouring is one of the most daunting techniques in beauty. But with a little bit of practise, you’ll realise it’s not actually that hard.

It essentially means using make-up to sculpt the shape of your face. All you have to do is use a product darker than your skin tone, and use it on key points – like the bridge of your nose or hollows of the cheeks. Once blended, this will highlight certain areas and give a more enhanced shape.

Play around with different shades and products, and see how easy it is to bring a bit more definition to your face.

Try out the look with: Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Contour Palette, Amazon.

2. Winged eyeliner

A pristine cat-eye is the holy grail of make-up. It should be easy – after all, it’s just drawing a feline flick with your eyeliner – but sometimes it can feel impossible to master, not to mention getting both eyes even.

Now is the perfect time to work on your steady hand and a symmetrical flick. If you need some help, a great hack is to use a teaspoon. Depending on how rounded you want your flick to be, use either the curved or straight edge of the spoon as a guide for your liquid eyeliner. It’s easy, quick, and means you get exactly the same shape for both eyes.

Try out the look with: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Push-Up Eyeliner in Black, Amazon.

3. Smokey eye

A smokey eye is one of the most sultry looks you can do – but it’s difficult to look chic and not like you’ve accidentally smudged all your make-up. Luckily, there’s a popular beauty hack to create an effortless smokey eye.

types of makeup techniques

Draw a small hashtag shape on the outer corner of your eyelid, in either a soft pencil or with your eyeshadow brush. Then, blend this using a small brush until you can’t see the hashtag anymore. If you want a darker look, repeat the process again, making sure it’s thoroughly blended.

Try out the look with: Makeup Revolution Shimmers and Matte Nudes, Amazon.

4. Properly curled eyelashes

Sometimes mascara doesn’t quite go the distance, which is where eyelash curlers come into their own. They might look like painful contraptions, but they’re a great way to add length and volume. To really make the most of the tool, heat it up with a hairdryer before use, and you’ll find your lashes will curl even better.

Just remember: always use your curlers before applying mascara.

Try out the look with: Rose Gold Eyelash Curler With 4 Refill Pads, Amazon.

5. False eyelashes

Applying falsies is daunting to anyone who’s had an eyelash-and-glue-related disaster. As with any beauty technique, practice makes perfect.

If you really can’t stand using eyelash glue, why not try the new innovation of magnetic false lashes and liner?

Try out the look with: Maycreate Magnetic Eyelashes – set of 5, Amazon.

6. Drawing the perfect cupid’s bow

There’s a secret to applying lipstick: if you want a pristine cupid’s bow, draw an ‘X’ in the middle of your top lip, where it should be, and then apply the rest of the lippy. This will really define the shape of the cupid’s bow and make it stand out.

Try out the look with: 12 Colours Lip Liner Pencil Set, Amazon.

7. Baking your make-up

In the world of beauty, baking is the key to flawless skin. After applying your foundation and concealer, dust a layer of loose, translucent powder over the top and let it sit for five to 10 minutes.

After this, brush the powder off – it might seem like a waste, but the heat from your face has attracted some of the powder, giving a flawless, pore-less look to your make-up.

Try out the look with: Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Setting Powder in Translucent, Amazon.

8. Filling in your brows

Luckily, the days of over-plucking our brows are long behind us, but not all of us have quite nailed how to fill them in properly. It’s a key technique to master, because brows provide a frame for the face.

When filling in your eyebrows, there are a few simple rules to follow: always follow the direction of the hairs, and go slowly. It’s far easier to add more product than take away.

Try out the look with: Max Factor Brow Revival Densifying Eyebrow Gel with Fibers, Amazon.

9. Cut crease

Unless you’re fairly well versed with make-up, the phrase ‘cut crease’ probably sounds like nonsense. However, it’s not a new technique, and has actually been around for decades. It’s said to make your eyes look bigger and more pronounced.

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This technique is all about taking your eyeshadow to the next level, by using one colour across your lid and a completely different one above it. The tricky thing to master is getting a sharp and defined line between the two shades – this isn’t a time for any kind of blending.

Try out the look with: Beauty Glazed 35 Colours Eyeshadow Palette, Amazon.

10. Strobing

Strobing involves using bright highlighter in choice places on your face. It’s similar to contouring, but using brightening products to give that extreme glowing look.

Try out the look with: L’Oreal Paris Highlighting Drops, Amazon.

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