With face coverings now compulsory in many settings, lipstick has become somewhat redundant, because what’s the point of painting on a perfect scarlet pout if it’s going to end up smudged and smeared on the inside of your mask?

It’s now all about the eyes, says celebrity make-up artist and Rimmel global ambassador James Molloy: “People are being a bit more exciting with their eyes, in terms of lining, mascara and eyeshadow, because the eyes are now the focus.”


Wondering how you can take your eye make-up game to the next level? Follow these five pro tips to make your peepers pop…

1. Boost your brows

Enhance your eyes when wearing a mask

Molloy says that a great everyday option is to add definition to your brows: “You want them to be a little bit thicker, a little bit fuller, brushed up. So you can use the Rimmel Brow Pro Micro Pen, which gives you those really fine hairs, without making your brows too dark or heavy.”

“My top tip for achieving the perfect brows is imagining they’re divided into thirds and lining up with different parts of the face,” says Gary Cockerill, founder of Make Up Intelligence.

“The thickest end should start just beyond the bridge of the nose, the highest point of the arch should be just beyond the outside edge of the pupil, and the thinnest end should finish just beyond the outer corner of the eye.”

Rimmel eyebrow pencil

Rimmel Brow Pro Micro 24HR Precision Stroke Brow Liner Pen, Amazon

Makeup Intelligence eyebrow
(Make Up Intelligence/PA)

Make Up Intelligence The Dual Brow Pencil – Medium, £22

2. Add a bit of shimmer


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“If you want to get a little bit more experimental, you can play around with a bit of texture on your eyes,” says Molloy. “I’m a huge fan of the Rimmel Wonder Swipe, which is a really clever two-in-one liner or sparkle eyeshadow.

“Now, don’t be scared when I say sparkle, because it actually is for everybody, because the particles are so fine.”

He recommends a peachy or rose gold hue for a subtle, warm glow: “Pop a little bit on with your finger tip, work it in over the eyelid, either over eyeshadow or on its own, and it’s going to give you a beautiful bit of shimmer that’s going to stay put and not look ‘too much’.”

Rimmel London Wonderswipe 2-in-1 Eye Liner

Rimmel London Wonderswipe 2-in-1 Eye Liner to Eye Shadow in Ballin’, Amazon

3. Tailor to your eye colour

Eyeshadow Smokey Eye GIF by NARS Cosmetics - Find & Share on GIPHY


“Think about your eye colour and how best to accentuate it,” Cockerill says, which means choosing eyeshadows in subtly contrasting tones.

“For example, if you have hazel or green eyes, hues of bronze, orange and rouge can look stunning. For blue or grey eyes, l love to dress them in peaches, purples, coppers, golds and slate. And for brown eyes, teals, navy, bronzes, purples and ambers are divine.”

Make Up Intelligence The Timeless Eyeshadow Palette
(Make Up Intelligence/PA)

Make Up Intelligence The Timeless Eyeshadow Palette, £38

4. Make small eyes look bigger

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You might think that layering on the eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger, but it’s actually liner placement that makes all the difference.

“If you have small eyes, don’t apply eyeliner all the way around the eyes, especially on the waterline, as it can make them look even smaller,” Cockerill says.

“And if you’re applying a liquid liner for a flick, always make sure you lift the line before you reach the end of your eye, otherwise it will drag the eye down and make you look tired.”

5. Pop on a pair of lashes

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“I have been receiving a lot of DMs on Instagram asking about wearing lashes from first-time users, especially since mandatory masks have come into effect,” says Sara Sordillo, make-up artist for Eylure.

Her advice for first-time falsie users? “If you have struggled with eyelash glue, which has put you off wearing strip lashes, then try Eylure’s Line & Lash. This is an eyeliner style pen that is also your eyelash glue – it can be used with any false lashes as well.”

As well as classic black, the innovative new product is available in a clear formula: “It applies a slightly white colour but dries completely clear. Pair with Eylure’s Fluttery Light collection, which are on a clear band, and this gives an exaggerated but natural, fluffy look.”

Eylure Line & Lash in Blac

Eylure Line & Lash in Black, £9.95, Superdrug

Eylure False Lashes Fluttery Light No.117

Eylure False Lashes Fluttery Light No.117, £5.49, Superdrug

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