Try to visit every country in the world, and it could take you a lifetime. Even the most dedicated globetrotters would struggle to fit it all in. And a thirst for adventure makes the task even harder; with even more remote locations on our travel radars, bucket lists are becoming harder to tick off.

According to Conrad Combrink, a senior vice president at Silversea, the expedition cruise market is growing, with many new specialist ships set to launch into the market.

The company, who have a fleet of nine ships and several more on order, have come up with a solution to the conundrum of doing it all before you die.

Lasting 167 days, visiting 30 countries and stopping at 107 destinations, the first round the world expedition cruise is set to sail in 2021.

So where does it go?

Kayaking in Antarctica (Silversea/PA)
Kayaking in Antarctica (Silversea/PA)

Starting in Ushuaia on January 30 and ending in Tromsø on July 16, The Uncharted World Tour first visits the Antarctic Peninsula, then continues up along the coast of Chile and across the Pacific to Easter Island, Pitcairn Island and French Polynesia.

A trip to the dreamy Cook Islands is followed by Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. After that, the ship will travel to Australia, Indonesia and Singapore, followed by Sri Lanka and India. Oman, Egypt and Europe also feature – and there’s even a stop in London. Iceland and Norway finally wrap up the trip.

How much does it cost?

The Cook Islands
The Cook Islands (Silversea/Anthony Kobrowisky/PA)

Fares on the Silver Cloud start at £104,000, going up to around £1million for the Owner’s Suite – which sold immediately.

It’s a lot of money, but the price does include business class flights, excursions, $2,000 onboard credit per guest, WiFi and – crucially – laundry service.

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