Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Where to see penguins in the wild on Penguin Awareness Day

To mark Penguin Awareness Day, we’ve selected the best places to encounter the 17 different penguin species around the globe.

Narrow boat holidays – 10 of the best waterways in the...

Looking for boating holidays or simply the best waterways to explore? Discover 12 amazing canals and narrow boat holidays in the UK and Ireland for 2020.

14 stunning sunrise and sunset photos to banish the winter blues

From glowing Ghanaian beaches to the sun-kissed skyline of NYC – here are 14 fabulous photos of sunsets and sunrises from Agora's #GoldenHour competition.

Best vegan holidays: 7 amazing vegan holidays for 2020

Vegans will know that travel can be the hardest test of maintaining a plant-based diet. But new vegan holidays and food tours are catering to dietary needs.

5 amazing things to see in the United Arab Emirates –...

With seven Emirates, there's more to see on a trip to the United Arab Emirates than the glories of Dubai. Here are five of the UAE’s must-sees attractions.

Top UK hotels 2020 – 8 of the best new and...

Pepper your year with fabulous weekend staycations by checking into one of these hot properties – these are the top UK hotels to book in 2020.

World’s largest ice festival in China showcases amazing ice sculptures and...

The 36th annual Harbin Ice Festival has begun in China, bringing with it perhaps the largest collection of ice sculptures and snowscapes ever seen.

5 money-saving tips to get the best deal on your next...

January blues hitting you hard? It might be time for a well deserved holiday. Here are 5 money-saving tips to get the best deal on your next holiday.

Travel trends 2020: where to go on holiday this year

Planning your next holiday and Interested in the key travel trends for 2020? Here are the hottest destinations for travellers and holidaymakers in 2020.

3 exotic island destinations to warm winter chills

Inspired by new BBC Two series Earth’s Tropical Islands, Sarah Marshall recommends trips to some of the world’s most important wildlife havens.