You can’t beat the scent of a real Christmas tree – it transports you instantly to a wintry world where Father Christmas could be just around the corner with a mince pie. For an extra touch of festive cheer this year, you can also add some scents to your Christmas tree.

Extra Christmas scents

Scented pine cones

You could either make your own or buy a pack of fragranced cones such as these by Milford Collection which features a blend of cinnamon, citrus and festive spices (available on Amazon).


To make your own, collect or buy some pine cones – pine cones you collect may have bugs living in them. We recommend these Baker Ross pine cones (available on Amazon).

Next, bake them in the oven on a low heat for around an hour. Keep an eye on them so they don’t burn. This stage will help preserve your pine cones so they last longer.

Once they have cooled, shake your pine cones in a bag with some essential oil. You can get a variety pack of Christmas scents to keep your pine cones fresh and festive in different rooms, such as this 5 pack from Aroma Therapy (available on Amazon).

Refresh the pine cones with essential oil as needed. You could make up a spray bottle to keep nearby for easy application.

Go natural with spice and dried citrus

Secure cinnamon sticks and dried oranges with florists’ wire to create a natural decoration for the tree and add some scent. We recommend something with lots of variety, like this 55 piece pack from Amazon containing cinnamon, oranges, lemons and chillies.

You can add living decorations to the tree including scented foliage such as rosemary or eucalyptus. Gold or silver potpourri could also be wired and added to the tree.

Buy scent-infused decorations

There are a few of these on the market, but among the best and most stylish are a set of eight bells from The White Company, infused with notes of cinnamon, clove and fresh orange. The pack comes with a mini winter home spray, allowing you to refresh the scent of each bell throughout the season.

Christmas scents options such as ceramic bells
Fragrant ceramic bells are one option (The White Company/PA)

Alternatively, go for a simple Scentsicles stick (available on Amazon) which you can hide easily within the branches to give a Christmas fragrance.

Make the most of your tree’s scent

Keep your Christmas tree fresher for longer by chopping or sawing a few centimetres off the bottom and soaking it in a bucket of water outside, either overnight or for as long as possible, before bringing it inside.

For fresh-cut trees, a water-retaining stand is absolutely essential. In an average heated home, a Christmas tree can take in several litres of water a day. This is replaced through the trunk by keeping the water reservoir topped up with fresh water. For some extra help, add Christmas tree food to the water.

Keep your tree away from direct sunlight, draughts and heat from radiators and fireplaces to avoid drying it out and shortening its life. Ideally, try to use LED tree lights which emit less heat and are better for the environment. A well-cared for tree should normally remain fresh at least four to five weeks before drying to an unacceptable level.

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