Madrid. The historical, stunningly beautiful city that is the capital of Spain – and the subject of our Madrid picture quiz! Home to over 3.3m inhabitants and covering just under 605 square kilometres, Madrid is the second-largest city in the EU.

But, how well do you know the city and its landmarks? Find out in our Madrid picture quiz It’s a city that is well-known for its love of football, with two world-famous football clubs, and it’s also home to the UN’s World Tourism Organisation and is the leading economic centre of the Iberian Peninsula.

Art and culture abound, with its Golden Triangle of Art home to some of the world’s greatest collections of European art, and there are incredible landmarks to explore.

Fancy retiring to Spain? Read our expert guide to find out how, or simply try these eight Spanish wines to enjoy!

Madrid picture quiz

Try our quiz and test your knowledge – can you score 100%?


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