Android is the most popular mobile phone operating system globally, but how secure it is in comparison to Apple’s iOS has long been a subject of debate. However, conscientious Android users can take several quick steps to boost their safety.

How safe is an Android phone?

Android phones are more attractive to cybercriminals than Apple devices. This is because they use open-source coding, whereas an iPhone uses closed-source coding. Open-source coding makes it possible to modify the operating system. However, this also makes it easier for a hacker to find a weakness in the security of your device.


There’s another reason hackers target Android phones more. This is because it has a worldwide market share of nearly 70% as of January 2022. With more people using Android, hackers naturally gravitate towards it.

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What can you do to make your Android phone more secure?

Use a virtual private network (VPN)

There is a lot of awareness about PC security. It is not the same when it comes to mobile phones. This is worrying, given that over 60% of global internet traffic comes from smartphones.

One of the quickest and most affordable security solutions is to install a VPN on your mobile phone. Online browsing is one of the most common ways you can pick up viruses and malware. A good VPN will block any websites if they hold a threat.

Getting a VPN for your Android is very simple. It allows you to securely connect to public Wi-Fi networks. Encryption of your data while you browse is also included.

There’s no doubt that VPNs are good news for mobile phone privacy.

Stay up to date

Always make sure you keep on top of the latest system updates from Android. Google is always at work behind the scenes to make its systems more secure. You can only benefit if your device is receiving them, though. Android phones usually download these automatically. If you have opted out of automatic updates, you will need to approve them.


It’s important to make sure the passwords on your device are strong and unique. Using the same password across your devices and accounts makes you an easier target for hackers. This approach can see multiple accounts breached simultaneously. This offers up far more personal data than could be otherwise obtained.

Don’t use obvious dates such as birthdays and anniversaries as your passcode. Using a strong password generator can give you rapid suggestions. Many will also offer a storage service. This stops you from having to remember multiple different passwords. The program stores them securely, removing the need to keep resetting your access information.

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