If you’re in the market for some new stuff, or being very organised and getting Christmas gifts early, this coming Friday, November 29 is a good time for a shopping spree in the UK.

In case you hadn’t heard, November 29 is Black Friday and high street stores – as well as tons of websites – will be offering deals on everything, from beauty products and smartphones to much-needed holidays.


It can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t keep your head, and there’s always the danger of panic-buying more than you’d planned. So, here are some tips for getting through the day with your sanity in tact and some cash left in your account.

7 Black Friday shopping tips and tricks

1. Sign up to cashback websites

Cash back sites are a good way to save money all year round, but they will be especially useful tomorrow. Not only will you get the mega-discounts associated with Black Friday, but websites like Quidco and Top Cashback will have great offers. This isn’t just for online shopping, either! You can often add the cashback for high-street purchases automatically on these websites.

Banks such as Barclays and Santander have started their own cashback schemes, with the money going straight into your account, which is a great way to save money on your shopping generally. And if you’re a student, make use of your student discount – some retailers don’t let you use it in conjunction with other offers, but there’s no harm in trying!

2. Avoid Black Friday impulse buys

Black Friday shopping has arrived with big online bargains to be had this week and on Friday.

The worst mistake many people make is not planning. Going into stores without a budget or idea of what you want can be dangerous, often leading to you spending more than you anticipated. Do your research, look at which shop has your item for the best price, give yourself a budget and stick to it! It can be tempting to go straight for the door-busting deals, but it is important to research products before handing over your credit card details. Remember, not all brands will be on offer and make sure you check product reviews. Websites such as Cnet and Amazon are great places to start.

3. Beat the queues by going online

Not everyone is a fan of online shopping, the old-fashioned way can be nice. But jumping on your computer is the only way to guarantee no one will get in your way. Travel deals are best found online – Ryanair are offering flights for as little as £4.99 during their week-long Black Friday sale.

4. Don’t get tripped up by the the terms and conditions

Always read the T&Cs carefully and make sure the product you buy has the same warranty you would get in store. Often, there are price-match schemes which are only available in store, so watch out for that if you’re buying online. Make sure you check the shipping costs too, as these can often be high – many online retailers offer click and collect, which is free. Signing up to Amazon Prime’s free trial is a great way to get quick, free shipping.

5. Black Friday shopping tips and tricks means starting earlier

Several retailers start their sales online a week before Black Friday, so you might find products already have high discounts when you’re researching. It is sometimes worth buying it before Black Friday itself, to save the rush which many experience on the day.

6. Check out price comparison websites and apps

Black Friday can be a chance to grab a bargain, but take care to spend wisely.

Having a quick look on money-saving websites such as Price Runner will make shopping around a lot easier. The website compares prices of products at retailers across the UK all in one place, and there’s a handy (free) Price Runner app available on the Google Store and App Store. Another useful app is Black Friday – Shopping and Deals UK, which helps you find the best bargains across several retailers and is free to download on Google Play. Keep an eye on retailers’ social media accounts, too. Simply search the retailer you want, or search Black Friday and a whole host of deals will come up.

7. Consider used items

A common mistake many shoppers make on Black Friday is only focusing on brand new products. Have a look at used and refurbished items, especially for electronics and gadgets. Often, you can find bargains for low prices without compromising on quality. eBay is a great place to start for used products and they also have some excellent Black Friday deals. Just make sure the used products are in good condition.

Happy shopping, and hope the Black Friday shopping tips and tricks were useful! Make sure you read our guide on how to save money at Christmas for even more tips.



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