With British Pie Week here (6-12th March), we’ve comPIEled a list of our most delicious pie recipes for you to devour.

Although we can see spring approaching, the weather is still too chilly, and the nights are still too dark for us to be sprightly. Fortunately, this calls for us to savour the time to stay cosy and tuck into a classic, carb-loaded dish full of delicious comfort food, otherwise known as the Great British pie! Whether you’re a die-hard carnivore, veggie, vegan (or a sweet-tooth pastry-lover), we’ve got the perfect pie recipe for you!


Vegan Rainbow pie 

Vegan rainbow pie

Just looking at this vibrant pie makes us smile! This vegan delight is brimming with all the colours of the rainbow and layered in a light and crispy pastry. Follow the recipe for a veggie delight, or pack in your favourite vegetables to create your perfect rainbow.

St Patrick’s Day (veggie) pie

St Patrick’s Day pie with colcannon, carrots and Tenderstem broccoli

With St Paddy’s day right around the corner, why not get the Guinness flowing a little early with this St Patricks day themed pie? Served with classic traditional colcannon and paired with cabbage, thyme roasted carrots, and tender stem broccoli in a Guinness stout – all you need next is a shamrock.

Shallot, chunky steak and mushroom pie

How to make a shallot, chunky steak and mushroom pie

If you’re a traditional steak and mushroom lover, this pie is for you. With added caramelised shallots and flavoursome mushrooms, a great big slab of this pie accompanied by spoonfuls of buttery mash is the perfect comfort food.

Mushroom and leak pie 

Vegan mushroom and leek pie

This traditional recipe is sure to satisfy vegans and non-vegans everywhere. Packed with earthly mushrooms and fresh leeks smothered in a creamy sauce, what’s not to love?

Fish pie with pecan crumble

Fish pie with pecan crumble recipe

There’s something so hearty about fish pie; it’s got all the characteristics of pasty pies, yet it’s a more gentle option for those craving something lovely and light: this salmon pie comes in a rich tomato and fennel sauce with butter beans and if you want to forgo pasty or potato, try the delicately mixed nut, and oat crumble on top.

Joe Wicks’ curried veggie cottage pie

Joe Wicks’ curried veggie cottage pie recipe

This heart-warming vegetarian-friendly cottage pie is ideal for feeding the whole family or storing it in the fridge or freezer for days to come.

Cheese and onion pie

Cheese and onion pie recipe

This timeless classic is a favourite with everyone! Cheese and onion pies are packed with simplicity; just your favourite cheese and fresh onion; no added thrill or bows – sometimes, that’s all we need.

Cherry and apricot pie 

Cherry and apricot slab pie

Covered in a melt-in-the-mouth buttery casing, cherries and apricots make for a tangy and fruity pie that will satisfy those with a sweet tooth.


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  1. why all the vegy pies ? 2% of the population are either vegy or vegan and yet you only give a recipe for one meat based pie.


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