Sunday, March 29, 2020

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Nutritionist Rob Hobson battled insomnia for years – here’s how he...

Nutritionist Rob Hobson battled insomnia for years. He tells us how combating sleepless nights is possible, but there’s an art to it.

How to keep yourself warm in bed and sleep in cold...

There’s an art to bedding down for the night when it’s this cold. Instead of keeping the heating on all night, try these old-fashioned measures instead!

5 tips for sticking to your weekly alcohol allowance

The WHO says alcohol is an 'unhelpful coping strategy” for coronavirus induced anxiety and isolation. Here’s how you can stay within UK booze guidelines.

Brain boosting foods to improve memory, focus and concentration

We asked Rob Hobson, a registered nutritionist and head of Healthspan Nutrition, for 7 of the best foods to fire up those neurons and boost brain power.

Signs of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – what are IBS symptoms...

Health expert Dr Ann Robinson explains the signs of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), who is most at risk of symptoms and what IBS treatments you can use.

Would you get a sleep divorce? Sleeping in separate beds could...

Different schedules, snoring and insomnia can push couples to breaking point. Read our guide to sleep divorce and how sleeping in separate beds can help.

Aled Jones: ‘I’m insanely private – I’m probably in the wrong...

Aled Jones talks to Wise Living Magazine about his proud Welsh heritage, his friendship with Terry Wogan, and 35 years of Walking In The Air.

10 hobbies to take up during lockdown to keep yourself busy

With coronavirus shutdown, billions of us are looking for ways to stay entertained at home. Here are 10 hobbies to take up to keep yourself busy.

How to stop oversleeping – is oversleeping bad for your health?

Sleep experts claim that bingeing on sleep does more harm to your health than good. Read our guide to how to stop oversleeping and break the sleep cycle.

How IBS sufferers can manage stress and boost their mental health

IBS can have a big psychological impact – but there are lots of things people affected can do to look after their mental wellbeing and reduce stress.