Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Joe Wicks on why you shouldn’t try restrictive dieting this January

Fitness guru Joe Wicks talks to Liz Connor about why so many New Year diets fail – and how we can create a healthy new mindset in 2020 instead.

9 ways drinking tea can boost your health and wellbeing

From lowering blood pressure to supporting weight loss and improving concentration, there’s bags of goodness in that humble cup of tea.

What is the Cambridge Diet – what do you eat and...

Looking to lose weight quickly and effectively? Read our expert guide to the Cambridge Diet, what you eat and importantly how safe is the Cambridge Diet.

What is a super carb diet – what can you eat...

Looking to lose weight and try the super carb diet? Learn what the super carb diet is, what food you can eat, how it works and how effective it is.

What is a ketogenic diet – what can you eat and...

What is a ketogenic diet and why is it so controversial? Discover what a keto diet is, what you can eat, how it works and potential side effects.

High-fibre foods: 6 easy ways to hit your recommended fibre intake

Fibre is an essential part of a healthy diet, but chances are you’re not eating enough of it. Here are 6 easy ways to boost your fibre intake.

What is Veganuary – how to go vegan in January and...

Veganuary sees thousands of people take up a plant-based diet after the excess of the holidays. read about what is Veganuary and 8 things you should know.

Why you should start your diet before January – and how...

Don’t wait until January to try to shed those Christmas pounds. Lose weight quickly and safely from Boxing Day onwards with some simple tips and swaps.

7 things to eat and drink to help protect against disease

In his new book Eat to Beat Disease, Dr William Li explores how certain food and drinks can influence our health and protect against illness.

Protein facts – what is protein and how much protein do...

Here’s what you need to know about protein according to nutrition experts – including protein facts such as how much you need, and is meat protein better?