Has lockdown led you to take a good hard look at the tired appliances in your home – and decide it’s high time to update or replace them?

Making the decision to replace white goods is one thing, but it’s worth bearing in mind that doing a little research first could potentially save you significant amounts of cash when it comes to making purchases.


Price comparison website PriceRunner.com has run some analysis to indicate the best potential times to buy white goods, to help you make some good clean savings in your home.

Using data analysis of popular white goods sold across several retailers, the team found home owners could potentially save up to £150 on items such as fridges and dishwashers – just by choosing the best time to swoop in and make a purchase. With spare cash in short supply for many households, this could mean significant savings.

Anna Lavfors, consumer expert at PriceRunner, says: “Our numbers show that there is not one certain time of the year when you can always find a great deal. It all depends what kind of white goods you are looking for. That’s why it’s so important to always research and compare prices before you buy.

“Black Friday remains a great time to find the best deals,” Lavfors adds, “so if possible, hold on to your shopping. It will pay off to plan in advance, so that you are ready when the deals pop up.”



When is the best time to buy white goods

So when are the best time to replace white goods and find the best deals? Here are the time periods PriceRunner thinks could potentially be the best to snap up a bargain for various white goods…

Washing machines

August could be a good time to snap up a new washing machine, as PriceRunner found that in this month, 25 out of 50 of the most popular machines had prices lower than average. But with August having just gone, PriceRunner also suggests home owners could have a second chance to grab a deal in the Black Friday sales this autumn. Its research suggests September and October are more expensive than average, so it may be worth waiting – if you can cope with the clothing pile-up in the meantime.

Tumble dryers

Pricing history suggests December, January and February are less expensive months for dryers.

Fridge freezers

Black Friday and the Boxing Day sales are often cheaper times to buy a new fridge freezer. September and October can be more expensive, as prices increase before being slashed for Black Friday.


December and January tend to be good times to buy a fridge, while in summer the bargains are more scarce.


PriceRunner found bargains are currently more thin on the ground for dishwashers, compared with a year ago. But it said November and December tend to be good times to buy, while pricing history suggests that spring can be a more expensive period.

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