If you love to keep your home organised and clutter-free, then minimalistic home decor is definitely one trend to check out this year.

Heavily decorated spaces can feel congested, which make you feel overwhelmed and even stressed. Moreover, it’s not easy to clean a heavily decorated interior. Who wants to finish a long day of work and be faced with an army of dust bunnies that need cleaning up. Adopting a more pared-down aesthetic and decorating your home smartly and practically will help make it easier to clean, and more inviting.


Minimalist home decor ideas

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s five minimal decor ideas you can use to make your home look simple and modern:

1. Accent colours

Minimalistic decor doesn’t mean you have to use only white, nude or neutral colours. Muted colours paired with one accent colour really accentuate and highlight a space, delivering a clean, coherent and put together look. For example, you can use golden-streaked decor items to put on shelves or bold-coloured accessories or hanging lamps to add that extra oomph to your space.

2. Large artwork

Bright painting above cabinet with plants in vintage living room with classic armchair

Nothing screams modern and minimalistic like huge pieces of art with thick white borders or frames. The key is to use a single art piece to make a statement instead of a gallery wall of different decorative items. You can use a colourful art piece to make it contrast with the neutral tone of the interior or you can match it with the neutral palette you’re using. You can liven up the corners using reclaimed vintage pieces, while display shelves are great for creating a focal point.

3. Indoor plants

Less is more but in order for it to not make the room feel lifeless, create balance by adding some plants into the mix. Here are some indoor plants that will compliment your minimalist style and are easy to care for:

Bird of Paradise: Strelitzia Nicolai plants often feature in minimalistic decor designs. It has a beautiful symmetrical shape with canopy leaves and goes perfectly with the minimalistic vibe.

Cactus: Among the most undemanding of houseplants, cacti are perfect for minimalists as they require minimal care and always make a space look elegant.

Swiss cheese plant: Monstera deliciosa is a celebrity among minimalist indoor plants – you might have seen it on your Pinterest feed while browsing for minimal home decor.

String of Hearts: Ceropegia woodii is a fantastic houseplant and can be kept in hanging flower pots or displayed on shelves.

4. Floating frames

If you’re planning to incorporate contemporary art in your living room, you can make your art more interesting by using floating frames. Floating frames get the name because they are transparent and add a three-dimensional sense to the artwork by making it appear to be floating inside the frame. They also help maximizes display space and let the photos take the center stage. 

5. Multi-functional furniture

Furniture is one of the most prominent features in a room and the kind of furniture you’re using will definitely affect the overall vibe you’re trying to create. Minimalist homes feature items that focus more on functionality and multi-purpose features rather than just making a statement. Some minimalist furniture ideas are:

Storage stools – can be used for seating or as side tables and come with a lid that can be taken off to store things inside. 

Laptop desk-breakfast tray – a match made in heaven for people working from home).

Coffee table with a built-in armchair and side table

Müller Huk side table – perfect for keeping a few books beside the couch for guests to grab.

Lift-the-top-coffee-table – that can be used as a couch desk.

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