If your holiday plans are scuppered, don’t despair – simply satisfy your wanderlust by transforming your home into your favourite destination instead.

We’ve taken a journey through all the latest homeware ranges to find a suitcase-full of stylish solutions for five ‘faraway’ looks.


So forget about your passport and book a ticket to destination decor, which could whisk you away to white sandy beaches and crystal blue seas, coastal coves,  sultry, steamy jungles, or even sun-kissed California vibes…

1. Go global

Bring the sun-soaked atmosphere of tropical beaches and foreign cultures into your living space.

Wayfair’s take on an exotic African-inspired look
Wayfair’s take on an exotic African-inspired look (Wayfair/PA)

“Rather than being limited to one style, nowadays people are influenced by the global assortment of design,” says Martin Waller, founder of interiors specialist, Andrew Martin. “It’s all about a sophisticated blend of the perfect symmetry of the American look, the magic of African tribal artistry, the serenity of Scandinavia, the heritage of France, and even the individualism of British décor.

“For this reason, I have coined this current decade the kaleidoscope era. Anything goes, and the more unexpected, the better. It allows us the freedom to travel far and wide in our taste and to give a truly international feel to our homes.”

Conjure an exotic atmosphere with a Bemileke Stool, £595, Perplex Display Unit, £895 and African Artwork, price on application, from Andrew Martin (andrewmartin.co.uk).

Catch the drift

Natural accessories to decorate your home
Key in to natural textures and accessories that you could have sourced on your travels. Wayfair has a range of items that fit the bill, including (items similar to ones shown here) a Braided Hemp Basket, £65.99; The Black River Stone On Stand Sculpture, £53.99; Hanglamp Mykonos 40cm Rattan Bell Lamp Shade, £70.99 (Wayfair/PA)

“Gone are the days of blue and white stripes dominating the coastal decor landscape,” agrees Jane Rockett, co-founder of online homeware emporium, Rockett St George.

“Instead we’re looking to introduce contemporary curved furniture, coral themed accessories and striking oversized shell ornaments.”

Antique White Clam Shell Ornament
Antique White Clam Shell Ornament, £95, Rockett St George (Rockett St George/PA)

“Beautiful shell textures create an instant feeling of tranquillity and promise to take your interior on a trip, evoking nostalgic memories of white sandy beaches and deserted tropical islands,” she adds.

Beachcomber finds

Beachcomber finds for your home
Porcelain Clam Shape Table Lamp, £78, Rockett St George; Large Natural Raffia Table Lamp, £185, Rose & Grey; Beautiful Spiral Shaped Rattan Lamp Shade (2 sizes available), from £180, Rockett St George (Rockett St George/Rose & Grey/PA)

2. Classic coastal

Bring the sparkle of the seaside into your home by drawing inspiration from classic coastal colours and seashore-themed accessories.

“Classic coastal style is an enduringly popular, but don’t assume it stays the same. In fact, this look is as changeable as the tides,” says Rebecca Heane, co-founder of Cream Cornwall, specialists in the coastal style of the area.

“This means it always stays fresh because it’s constantly evolving to take into account our changing tastes. Currently, the trend is for a fresh, sharp, more pared-back look, still using the traditional blue and white palette and stripe designs but more pin-stripe than deckchair.

“Punchy injections of red are must. My advice would be to keep a scheme simple and edit ruthlessly, so it’s more sophisticated than sea-shanty.”

Reflecting our concern for the environment and our oceans, designers are focusing on sea creatures and marine life in designs, often botanical in their detail, she points out. Featuring these in accessories will give a modern twist to a scheme.

Catch of the day

coastal design accessories for your home
Be Happy Inspirational Quote Cushion, £22, Artylicious; Rainbow Reef White Lampshade With Octopus, Seahorse & Starfish Velvet Trim, from £48, Cream Cornwall; Pair of Blue Whales Figurines, £40, The Nautical Company (Artylicious/Cream Cornwall/The Nautical Company/PA)

A few details may be all that’s needed for an injection of sail-away style. Display a beautiful shell, an antique ship’s lantern, a painted wooden boat or carvings of fish or sea birds.

Perhaps you’ve got a special collection of beach treasures collected during holidays by the sea. Place these on shelves or in a dish on a sideboard.

3. Take a style safari

Tropical bed linen
Sainsbury’s Home Wilderness Cushion, £10; Gold Palm Leaf Table, £55; Palm Leaf Double Duvet Set, £14; Faux Aloe In Cement Pot, £16; Vintage Jungle Bedding Set – Double, £21; Argos Home Wilderness Flamingo Lamp, £45 (Sainsbury’s Home/Argos/PA)

“Swapping bedlinen for a tropical floral or botanical palm print can instantly update your bedroom for summer and give it a full-on safari feel,” says Jessie Barrell, homewares designer for Sainsbury’s Home.

“Faux or real palms and foliage are in harmony with our desire for bringing the outdoors in and they have a lovely, lush, exotic feel. These will also work to soften dark textures and sharp outlines, to give a rounded balanced feel to a room.”

Tropical treats

Tropical accessories for your home
Sainsbury’s Home Wilderness Cushion, £10, selected Sainsbury’s stores; Joe Browns Tropical Sideboard, £169, Home Essentials (Sainsbury’s Home/Home Essentials/PA)

As a final flourish, she suggests: “Add an instant touch of decadence with gilded accessories and eccentric decorative objects, for a bold, glamorous interiors update.”

4. California dreaming

California decor style
Yoko Corner Sofa in Honey Velvet, £1,499; Yoko Armchair in Coral Velvet, £699, and Yoko Pattern Small Round Footstool, £339, DFS (DFS/PA)

If you’re a fan of laid-back living, you’ll love a cool style which balances effortless understatement with dashes of the Golden State’s trendy Venice Beach chic.

“When it comes to colour, sunshine brights are the perfect choice to recreate that chilled-out holiday feeling at home,” says Lauren Harris, senior designer at DFS.

“Zingy shades create a playful, uplifting mood and paired with contemporary design, such as a bold yellow sofa, are a great way to bring a space to life.

“Patterned footstools are another way to add extra colour, pattern and personality,” she adds. “Key into a colour palette of terracotta, yellow and coral – shades which will naturally bring a zest and sense of energy to a room.”

Sunseeker solutions

Holiday home cushions
By The Sea Print by Honeymoon Hotel (40 x 50cm), £55, Habitat; Taliaferro Tropical Pink Flamingos Cushion, £23.99, Wayfair (Habitat/Wayfair/PA)

Pair bright yellow furniture with a neutral background, Harris suggests, and then introduce pops of colour and pattern with cushions and bright, bold art, to create contrast without overwhelming a room.

Finally, she says, this is a too-cool-to-care aesthetic so feel free to experiment with quirky, flamboyant touches – they’ll only add to the charm.

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