Between straw bans, the 5p plastic bag rule and the proliferation of reusable water bottles and coffee cups (how could you not have one!?), being eco friendly, particularly when it comes to food, drink, and preparing both, is more of a priority than ever before. So if you’re looking to bolster your eco kitchen credentials, eco-friendly kitchenware should therefore be on your list of key items to consider.

7 eco-friendly kitchenware items to buy now

As current circumstances also mean that we’re all likey to be spending more time time cooking from scratch (and more vitally than ever, stretching leftovers to the max), we’d recommend ordering a few of these eco-friendly kitchenware items now.

1. Oliver Bonas Reusable Eco Bags, £14 for three (

Oliver Bonas Reusable Eco Bags
(Oliver Bonas/PA)

Keen to buy more of your fruit and veg loose? These reusable and breathable bags are ideal for filling with bananas and more. Handily, they’re also washable.

2. If You Care food waste bags, pack of 30, £5.45,

If You Care food waste bags

There’s something just quite lovely about brown paper bags. Although designed for waste, you can turn these to packaging all sorts – they work particularly well for emergency snacks – namely slices of cake.

3. John Lewis & Partners Le Creuset cast iron 26cm signature shallow casserole, shell pink, £210 (

John Lewis & Partners Le Creuset cast iron 26cm signature shallow casserole, shell pink
(John Lewis/PA)

Agreed, Le Creuset requires a hefty initial investment. However, the enamel cookware lasts a lifetime – it literally comes with a lifetime guarantee – and is toxin free. Plus, you can rely on one for almost everything, from frying to stewing, baking and slow cooking. No more will you be ploughing through non-recyclable non-stick pans.

4. Bee’s Wrap sandwich wrap, £12.99, John Lewis (

Bee’s Wrap sandwich wrap
(Bee’s Wrap/PA)

Where would we be without the bees?! Keep veggies fresh, leftovers nicely stored and sandwiches wrapped with this beeswax wrapping – the environmentally friendly answer to cling film.

5. The Microplane EcoGrate Series, £16.99, Lakeland (

The Microplane EcoGrate Series

Even better than grating past their best veggies into a leftovers soup, grate ’em up with this bamboo fibre framed grater. It’s made with sustainable, organically grown Moso bamboo and polypropylene resin (which has a lower carbon footprint than plastic). It’s recyclable and compostable at the end of its lifespan too.

6. Oak chopping and serving boards, £65-£95, Forest To Home (

Undated Handout Photo of Oak chopping and serving boards
(Forest To Home/PA)

Furniture brand Forest To Home take offcuts and waste wood from larger projects to create individual, heavy oak chopping boards and serving boards. It means gnarly edges, a one of a kind cheeseboard, and a second life for a piece of wood that would’ve been scrapped.

7. SealPod Nespresso Reusable Coffee Pod Starter Pack, £18.99, Maverick Coffee (

SealPod Nespresso Reusable Coffee Pod Starter Pack
(Maverick Coffee/PA)

Total coffee fiend? Give yourself a pod-guilt break with these nifty reusable versions. All of the caffeine highs you desire, without sending mountains of disposable pods to landfill with every cup.

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