You’ve just spent months looking for your dream home, but there’s another hurdle to overcome – selling your old home. A stressful and competitive experience, selling your home can come with highs and lows. Over the past twelve months, search terms like ‘tips for moving house’ and ‘what can add value to my home’ have seen an increase. So, which features should we be rethinking before selling?

Problems home sellers need to avoid

Kitchen, garden and homeware supplier, VonHaus has revealed the features that make Brits less likely to buy a property. Unsurprisingly, mould takes first place in deterring buyers. The unsightly stuff can devalue your home by up to 23%, and 37% of people are less likely to buy a property if it’s present. Joining mould in first place is damp, and the two often go hand-in-hand and can be difficult to manage. 


Mold Growth on Wall and Damp Stained Wood Door

According to VonHaus’ research, the 10 most off-putting features:

  1. Mould – 37%
  2. Damp – 37%
  3. Bad smell – 33%
  4. Cracks in the walls – 32%
  5. No garden – 28%
  6. Cracks in the floor – 26%
  7. Lack of storage – 22%
  8. Stains on the walls – 20%
  9. Dark rooms – 19%
  10. Not having a bath – 16%

Boost your chance to selling your home

With nearly a fifth of those surveyed (19%) stating that a dark room is enough to put them off, VonHaus spoke to Chris Lawton, managing director of CK Architectural for his advice. He explained, “Using lighter colours in the decor will help create a more open and spacious feeling, and this itself can be a big contributor to higher prices for properties.” A small effort to make if you want a bigger chance of selling your property. 

Lawton also advises, “Bathrooms can have a dramatic impact on the value of a property. Showers and baths of course have the biggest impact on this but so do things like the sink, the materials used throughout and the overall practicality and atmosphere of the room.” Adele Brennan, Buyer for Kitchen and Home Electricals at VonHaus adds, “When designing your bathroom, incorporating stylish storage racks and mirrored cabinets will help transform the room whilst also adding value.”

As well as the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the main selling points in the home. Being ‘the heart of the house’, take into consideration the styling of it. Lawton points out that “islands and more intricate furnishings certainly help to create value both in practicality and in social potential.” Additionally, if you’re looking to enhance your kitchen (and appeal more to buyers), Adele Brennan explains that “coordinating your appliances can be a great way of adding flair.” A cheaper alternative to completely renovating your kitchen, opt for matching cookware and appliances to make your home appear more sophisticated. 

Before selling your house, deal with minor fixtures to increase promising buyers. Fill up cracks in the walls or floors and paint over stains to tidy up the appearance of the house. Consider adding more storage to show the potential of the home and its practicality. You’re likely to attract more interest that way, than showing a completely blank canvas. 

Survey conducted by Censuswide on behalf of VonHaus, 15/10/21 – 10/10/21. 1,007 general respondents in the UK

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