If you’re tripping over compost bags, battling with broken pots and spent seed trays and can’t find a tool in sight, your greenhouse may be in need of a serious makeover. Proper greenhouse care and maintenance combined with a few new ideas will have your greenhouse looking brand new in no time.

Smart gardeners can create a space that’s not only useful for growing plants but acts as an extension of their home – a stylish, comfortable bolthole through the warmer months and beyond. All you need is a little furniture, cushions, wall art and some nifty tidying accessories.

Greenhouse care and maintenance
Pretty watering cans can be ornamental and practical (Hannah Stephenson/PA)

Once you’ve got the basics of your greenhouse care and maintenance sorted, it’s time to start perking up the space. For some tips on the basics of greenhouse maintenance, check the five top tips in our Autumn greenhouse maintenance article.

Transform your greenhouse…

Not sure where to start with your makeover? Follow this greenhouse guide for inspiration, including tips from garden styling pros and Richard Baggaley, director of The Greenhouse People (greenhousepeople.co.uk).

1. Create a potting corner

Greenhouse care and maintenance
Create a potting corner in your greenhouse (iStock/PA)

To prevent clutter in your greenhouse, carefully plan your layout and segment the space into purposeful areas. Create a potting corner next to where you grow your fruit and vegetables to make planting more efficient and to save space. It will also help you keep other areas of your greenhouse tidier and free from soil.

This area needn’t be dull. Place seed packets in a brightly coloured tin to store them safely and add a pop of colour to your greenhouse. Rather than leaving tools in a chaotic heap, a row of hooks will keep everything out of the way and neatly stored.

2. Be bold with plant choice

Greenhouse care and maintenance
Cacti love greenhouse conditions and are on trend (iStock/PA)

The greenhouse needn’t just be a space to nurture seedlings. Exotic and tender plants will thrive in the warm environment and brighten up the space. Fill your greenhouse with a range of desert and succulent plants like cactus, agave and crassula. These easy-care plants flourish inside a greenhouse and are very on-trend.

If you can’t afford to buy matching pots for your plants in one go or are constantly adding to your collection, pick a colour or theme and add new pots as you go. Plant pots with feet are very in right now, and using plant stands can add height and variety to your collection.

KitchenCraft Indoor Plant Pots in Blue Geometric Pattern and Decorative Green Marble Design, available from Amazon.

If botany is more your style, orchids are among the most beautiful and exotic greenhouse plants. They require a high level of humidity though, so store your misting bottle nearby to keep your orchid healthy.

Greenhouse care and maintenance
Orchids add colour to the scene (iStock/PA)

Tom Barry, managing director of Hartley Botanic (hartley-botanic.co.uk), adds: “Architectural tropical and subtropical species are still very popular with both homeowners and gardeners alike.

“These plants look dramatic and add height within a greenhouse which works well when combined with bench-level succulents and cacti. For colour, and to add an exotic look, orchids in pretty ‘sweet shop’ colours can be grown in individual pots.”

3. Create a cosy nook

Greenhouse care and maintenance
Bring your own personality into your greenhouse style (Julia Currie Photography/PA)

Acclaimed author and botanical stylist Selina Lake (Selinalake.co.uk), who has styled for Alitex (Alitex.co.uk) at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, suggests you update tired items such as old chairs, metal furniture or plant pots by adding a pop of colour with paints. Alternatively, a simple bench can be turned into a sumptuous day bed with a mass of comfy cushions.

4. Use insect designs

Greenhouse care and maintenance
Insect designs are in fashion (Julia Currie Photography/PA)

Entomology, or the study of insects, is the new botanical trend, adds Lake. Get the look by having a go at drawing bugs on greenhouse windows using a chalk pen.

Add prints and posters in frames or clipped to bare walls and use a wire washing line for another display.

5. Go for a natural look

Greenhouse care and maintenance
Think about natural materials (Julia Currie Photography/PA)

‘Upcycling’ is the word on everyone’s lips – and for a good reason. With items sourced from second-hand shops, or even junkyards, it’s easy to go boho on a budget. Simple changes like a lick of paint on wooden furniture or changing the handles on drawers can have a huge impact, says Baggaley.

In line with environmental issues, forgo plastic items for furniture and accessories made from natural materials such as metals, rattan and bamboo.

6. Find space to sit

Greenhouse care and maintenance
Re-use old furniture for a shabby chic look (iStock/PA)

Baggaley advises: “Add comfort to your glass-walled structure with seating and soft furnishings. Textiles will instantly soften the space and make it feel inviting.

“Be aware that these will fade under the concentrated sunlight, so shop for items with a vintage-inspired design or are second hand to accomplish the shabby-chic look.”

7. Make use of mirrors

Greenhouse care and maintenance
Mirrors can make your greenhouse space look bigger (iStock/PA)

Add mirrors inside your greenhouse to reflect light and the sight of your beautiful plants, Baggaley says. Careful placement will give the illusion of more space but do consider what it will be reflecting. Try to reflect the leafy interest in your greenhouse, rather than watering cans or plastic pots. Also, be careful not to reflect too much direct sun onto your plants or you could scorch the leaves.

8. Use your greenhouse as a gallery

Greenhouse care and maintenance
Become an artist in your greenhouse (Julia Currie Photography/PA)

To add further interiors-inspired touches to your greenhouse, wall art is a great option to make the space ooze personality and feel more like a home.

Get creative and create your own works of art to display. You could decorate a canvas with cuttings from garden magazines, known in the art world as ‘decoupage’, for garden inspiration as well as decoration.

If you’re not confident in your artistic abilities, take this as an opportunity to experiment. Use some string and mini pegs to create a changeable hanging art wall that you can change up whenever you want.

Dremisland Photo Display String and Pegs, available from Amazon

9. Create a herb haven

Greenhouse care and maintenance
Hang and dry herbs in the greenhouse (iStock/PA)

Drying herbs in a greenhouse is ideal as they dry quickly under the concentrated sunlight, add scent to the space, and look beautiful.

Lavender, sage and thyme retain their fragrance when dried – just try to keep them out of direct sun. They dry quickly, so check periodically and package for storage as soon as they are crisp.

Fallen Fruits Herb and Flower Dryer, available from Amazon.

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