Jamaican pleasure beach or the seafront at St. Ives? They may look more similar than you think.

The idea of ‘the tropical paradise’ occupies a unique place in the consciousness of every traveller. Each Summer thousands of us shell out vast chunks of our salaries to recline on a Caribbean beach, preferably in the company of cocktails, capuchins and crystal clear sea.


But why splash out on a transatlantic plane ticket once lockdown ends when a train to Falmouth might just as easily suffice? Cornwall may not boast tropical temperatures, most of the time anyway, but some of the beaches might surprise you with their Barbadian-like beauty and with coronavirus still restricting travel a staycation might not be such as bad option after all.

We’ve selected an assortment of Cornish and Caribbean coastlines, but we’re not going to tell you which is which!

Seaside quiz

Try our Cornish or Caribbean seaside quiz and test your knowledge!



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