When the weather is cold it can be hard to know how to keep yourself warm in bed. Outside temperatures can plunge to freezing, and many people leave their heating on overnight in a bid to stay warm. But that can be an expensive – and ineffective – solution. The best bet is to make sure that you keep yourself warm in bed, rather than try to keep your entire home heated.

So, what about bedtime? Having spent the evening wrapped up in your cosiest loungewear, the thought of stripping down and climbing between icy cold sheets is sure to send shivers down the spine – even if you’ve grabbed your onesie from the bottom drawer.


How to keep yourself warm in bed

Some of us might keep the heating on all through the night, but that’s an added expense, and practically guarantees waking up with a stuffy head and dry throat. Why not try some of these good old fashioned, warming measures instead?

1. Buy an electric blanket – and use it

Control button for an electric blanket on a bed

Today’s electric blankets have gone high tech – manufacturers need to meet strict safety standards to avoid them overheating – and come with timer programmes, automatic switch-off after a pre-set time, temperature sensors and dual controls (just in case your partner is oblivious to the cold). And we’re talking wowza warmth when you snuggle down for the night.

2. Have a warm bath before bed

"bubble bath with candles, towels"

We all look forward to a long soak after a hard day, but time it nearer bedtime to get the most from your tub. OK, the bathroom may be chilly, but once you step into that lovely warm water, all the stress and anxiety will float away. Along with helping to soothe muscle pain, it will also make you feel sleepy. Experts suggest it’s not the rise in body temperature, but the actual cooling down after your bath that makes the body think you’ve gone from daytime to night-time, and brings on the Zzzs.

3. Make a hot toddy from whisky and honey

Warm Hot Toddy with Lemon Bourbon and Spices

It’s been around since day dot, and for good reason. A hot toddy is thought to possess medicinal properties (as long as you don’t knock back too many…), especially if you’re suffering from a cold or chill. A shot of whisky, a teaspoon of honey, a squirt of fresh lemon, topped with boiling water (cinnamon stick, optional), will not only bring a warming glow to the cheeks, but can also relieve congestion and help you sleep better.

4. Use comfy bedsocks for how to keep yourself warm in bed

Warm and cozy white socks in the bed

Flannel sheets may not sound sexy, but we’re trying to get our beauty sleep, right? Typically made from 100% cotton, they have a brushed nap on both sides which makes them feel extra soft and cosy against the skin, and here’s the genius bit: The brushed surface helps trap air and body heat, but allows the skin to breathe, so you don’t have to worry about overheating in the middle of the night. And because the fabric’s absorbent, it has the ability to wick moisture away from the body.

6. Wear ear plugs to block out the arctic wind

With freezing cold nights often comes a howling wind, which can be extremely disruptive to sleep; especially if you’re on high ground, or near a river or canal. Ear plugs should do the trick.

7. Style and layer the bed like a boutique hotel

Now it may sound silly, but making the effort to make your bunk look like the type you’d find in a luxe five-star hotel can help you sleep like a princess. Soft throws, down pillows, layering with thin and thicker blankets to create insulation, and topping it off with a lighted scented candle (think warm, woody notes) will create the right warming vibe and feelings of total wellbeing.

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