With social distancing the new normal, the ways we can show kindness towards others in our day-to-day lives aren’t always so obvious anymore.

But there are ways we can still rally together to boost the collective mood in our communities. Here are some safe ways to practice kindness on World Kindness Day (November 13th ) and beyond…


1. Volunteer for a phone call with an elderly person

Age UK runs a fantastic ‘Telephone friendship service’ that partners volunteers with an elderly person for a friendly 30 minute natter each week. The Crisis Project is also calling for volunteers to write letters to elderly people living in care homes, who can’t have visitors call in to see them at the moment.

2. Offer to mentor someone

Lots of university graduates are facing a tough job market right now. Your expertise could be invaluable, and remotely mentoring a young person could make all the difference when it comes to them landing their first full-time gig. ReachOut for instance can partner you with a GCSE or A-level student from a disadvantaged background.

3. Donate to food banks

It’s often as easy as adding some extra items to your weekly shop and depositing them in a food bank donation box at your local supermarket. Check out The Trussell Trust’s website to find your local drop-off points.

4. Order flowers for a friend

Be kind send flowers to a friend

Nothing will cheer up their day more than receiving a special bunch of blooms, just for being a great pal that’s always there for you.

5. Safely collect litter

Picking up rubbish with your bare hands isn’t advised, but you can safely clean up your local area with a litter picker, some gloves and a bin bag.

6. Lend your creativity

Glimpse is a collective of creatives who help NGOs, grassroots organisations and ethical brands turbocharge their campaigns and burst through into popular culture. If you’re a copywriter, video producer or social media buff, you may be able to help use your skills for good.

7. Hang up a bird feeder in your garden

You’ll be amazed at the variety of birds that will visit it, especially during winter when their usual food is more scarce – not only will they get a delicious meal, but you’ll get to watch the wildlife from your window too.

8. Give blood

Smiling young man lying down and giving blood

It only takes around 45 minutes but it could save somebody’s life. Visit blood.co.uk to find your local donation point and arrange an appointment. They’re still open across the country, but there are some new checks and rules you’ll need to read before booking.

9. Shop sustainably on Black Friday

Put your money where your ethics are and choose to shop from sustainable brands that pay their workers fairly. Some ethical brands are even offering to donate a proportion of their Black Friday discount to their workers too, like Adelante Shoes and Lora GENE, so the people that make your discounted products get an extra thank you.

10. Compliment someone in your next Zoom meeting

Group of people having a video conference

It could be the great way they handled a work project, or simply a nice outfit they’re wearing that day. Giving a genuine compliment is an amazing positivity boost – not just for the recipient, but for you too.

11. Do something kind for the people you live – or are bubbling – with

You could do a bit of DIY around the house, make them a cup of tea in the morning, or give your home a deep clean so it’s a comforting place to spend time.

12. Leave a nice comment on someone’s Instagram photo

A few positive words and emojis could be the confidence boost they needed.

13. Use the power of gratitude and positivity

Try and move away from stressing out and moaning, and say more nice, positive things about yourself and the world around you. You’d be amazed at how great it can help make you feel.

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