One factor that can put people off turning veggie or vegan is the fear of missing out on all of your favourite snack foods – yet you might be surprised to discover what snack foods are vegan. There’s a lot more than you might think!

From sweets to crisps, there’s a misconception that going plant-based means going without, and with many brands taking steps to nix animal products from their ingredients lists, it’s arguably never been easier to make the switch.

Take Marks & Spencer for example – their trademark Percy Pig sweets no longer contain gelatine, a setting agent derived from the bones of animals.

Although the brand previously sold veggie versions alongside the original variety, M&S has now removed animal traces from all of its Percy range.

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While many have praised the decision, not everyone’s been pleased.

Even Piers Morgan weighed in on the debate, telling vegans and vegetarians to “Go and get your own sweets” on Good Morning Britain.

However, many of us were oblivious to the fact the soft chews were totally veg and vegan-friendly anyway. And there are plenty of other snack foods made without using dairy products or other animal-derived ingredients.

What snack foods are vegan? Here’s 7 to try

Here are just a few that might surprise you…

1. Skittles

What snack foods are vegan - Skittles!
What snack foods are vegan? Skittles (so you can taste the rainbow without the worry).

Skittles have long been vegan in the US, but in 2015, the sweets brand made the move to drop E120 cochineal from its ingredients list in the UK, a type of red food colouring produced from insects.

2. Fox’s Party Rings

These colourful biscuits have long been a staple at kids’ birthday parties, and thanks to a fairly recent reformulation, they’re now 100% vegan too.

3. Pringles

Pringles are vegan snacks
Pringles – including BBQ flavours – are vegan

It sounds counter-intuitive, but many of the meat-flavoured varieties of Pringles are totally meat-free. Vegans can happily snack on BBQ and Smokey Bacon varieties of the moreish crisps.

4. Pot Noodle

The ultimate student hangover food, it’s a happy accident that many flavours of Pot Noodle are suitable for a vegan diet. All Pot Noodles are suitable for vegetarians, but according to the brand, popular flavours such as Chicken and Mushroom flavour and Beef & Tomato flavour are not suitable for vegans, as they may contain milk and eggs. Seek out flavours such as Bombay Bad Boy and Sweet & Sour Pot Noodle for your instant noodle vegan fix.

5. Oreos

Oreos are a classic vegan snack food.
Oreos are a classic vegan snack food.

It’s hard to believe these super creamy biscuits don’t contain any dairy, but the delicious vanilla filling and biscuit base are completely vegan-friendly.

6. Co-op custard and jam doughnuts

Delicious donuts from the Co-op are vegan snacks
Delicious donuts from the Co-op are vegan snack foods.

Is there anything better than a gooey, custard-filled doughnut with a hot cup of tea? The Co-op’s jam and custard doughnuts are totally vegan, and you won’t even notice the difference.

7. McCoy’s crisps

Vegans don’t have to give up on McCoy’s crisps either. The Salt & Malt Vinegar, Ultimate Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Ultimate Sizzling BBQ Chicken, Ultimate Chargrilled Steak & Peri Peri flavours of McCoys ridge cut crisps are all animal product-free.

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