Now the cold weather is well and truly setting in, it’s time to whack the heating on and fight off those chills in your bones with these foods – they should get your blood pumping and your body nicely warmed up.

1. Ginger

warm foods ginger tea and ginger roots

Not only is it fiery if you get a good bite of it, but ginger also has thermogenic properties and is thought to increase blood flow. Grate it into hot lemon and water, and add to stir fries and desserts (pear and ginger crumble anyone?).

2. Chilli

Warm foods Stack of red poblano peppers for sale in market

Nothing will give you food sweats like a spicy chilli pepper – and you can get a chilli fix in all sorts of ways. Add ground cayenne pepper to a drink of hot lemon, drizzle salads with chilli oil, have a spiced curry, marinate chicken in the stuff; just make sure it’s hot, hot, hot.

3. Chestnuts

Warm foods roasted chestnuts

In traditional Chinese medicine, chestnuts are considered super nuts – full of vitamins and minerals, and great for boosting circulation. Eat them freshly roasted from the fire, or in stuffings and soups.

4. Parsnips

Warm foods Roasted baked parsnip with honey mustard glaze

Roast them, puree them or mash them (they make a great alternative to potatoes). This trusty and cheap root veg is packed with potassium and fibre, and is great for heart, blood and bowel health.

5. Alliums

Warm foods white and brown onion, leek and garlic

Leeks, onions and garlic are all good sources of antioxidants and vitamins, perfect for warding off cold and flu, and known to boost blood flow and improve internal heat levels.

6. Soup

Warm foods Autumn ginger carrot soup with cilantro and spices

Get one that’s full of root veg (carrot and coriander, spicy parsnip etc.) and you’ll tick more than one box. Soup is not only easy to digest, but will swiftly heat you up from the inside out.

7. Stew

Warm foods Beef Bourguignon in an Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Beef, in particular, is considered the best meat for improving circulation, so a warming beef stew topped up with red onions, red wine and carrots, will not only keep you full and warm, but get your blood going too.



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