Protein snacks and shakes can be a bit hard on the tastebuds when you’re looking to refuel after a demanding workout – and that’s something that Myprotein is hoping to shake up with its new range of flavours inspired by childhood sweets.

The protein supplement maker has teamed up with sweet treat favourite Swizzels to gives its range a retro makeover, with brand new flavours including Refreshers, Love Hearts, Drum Stick and the rather-divisive Parma Violets flavour (truly the Marmite of the sweet world). Released as part of Myprotein’s Sweet Sixteen celebrations, the four new flavours are based on Swizzels sweets meaning you can hit your fitness goals and give your tastebuds a workout at the same time.


Myprotein Swizzles flavours

The new range is available in Clear Whey and as a layered protein bar.

Myprotein Clear Whey Drumstick Flavour
Myprotein Clear Whey Drumstick flavour (Myprotein).

Clear Whey is a refreshing, lighter sports nutrition drink compared to a shake, and is brimming with 20g of protein while being low in sugar, making it ideal for gym workouts and more intense at-home workouts. Myprotein’s Clear Whey range took home the award for Best Sports Nutrition Product in the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards 2019, and they can be used to create a range of post-workout treats, from jellies to ice-blended slushies.

If you’re looking for a protein bar that satisfies your sweet tooth, then Myprotein also has you covered. It’s new Drumstick-flavoured Layered Protein Bar includes 20g of protein, as well as essential minerals, copper and calcium. With six layers, it packs carbs, fibre and protein into one handy fuelling bar.

Find out more about the new Myprotein Swizzles range.



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