If you are now actively attempting to avoid the Quality Street and Toblerone, but are worried about how all that festive chocolate is going to get eaten (you wouldn’t want to waste it after all), you’re not alone.

How to use up leftover chocolate

Instead of watching it sit on the kitchen counter until the tree comes down though, or scoffing it all just to get rid of it, here are a few ideas for using it up, with options for saving it for later.


Make cookie dough

Raw Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in a Bowl

You might be over biscuits at the moment (yes, even ones with cheese), but in a week or so, your sweet tooth might be back, and then some cookie dough will come in handy. Whip up your favourite cookie dough recipe, stuffed with chopped chunks of any Advent calendar chocolate or After Eights you have left, and roll your dough into a log shape. Pop it in the freezer (you can even slice it into rounds, so your cookies are already formed), and next time you really get a sugar craving, these will be ready and waiting to be brought to life in a hot oven.

Whip up some ice cream

real gourmet chocolate ice cream,

If you’re lucky enough to have an ice-cream maker, it might be time to churn up a batch of homemade chocolate ice cream. Go one better than choc chip and mix in odds and ends from your Christmas chocolate stash – we’re thinking some chopped up Celebrations would work a treat.

Do a big batch of rocky road

Use up leftover chocolate in Rocky Road Cake

You can freeze it, store it for later, give it to the kids – and it’ll use up leftover chocolate as well as chocolate biscuits. All you need is butter, golden syrup, crushed biscuits and the dregs from your selection pack and you’ll be sorted. Top them with roughly-chopped Christmas nuts for bonus points.

Try these recipes

Drink it

Homemade hot chocolate with mini marshmallow in a blue enamel mug on a light slate background.

You might be sick of eating chocolate, but what about drinking it? For a really decadent hot chocolate, grate your best leftover dark chocolate bar into a pan with milk, heat through until molten and fully blended, pour into a mug, add whipped cream and drink. A nip of something stronger wouldn’t go amiss either.

Try this drinking chocolate recipe

Tray bake some flapjacks

Chocolate studded flapjacks

For some reason, flapjacks always feel like a healthier snack option than a handful of chocolate coins – despite all the syrup in them. Arguably, all those oats do keep you going for longer, so make a tray and stud them with festive choccies, then wrap in cling film and freeze until the time comes when your cups of tea aren’t constantly accompanied by a handful of Quality Street.

If all else fails, all that chocolate will probably keep until Easter anyway.

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