If you constantly find yourself rummaging through your bag, looking for scraps of shopping lists; fighting over whose turn it is to buy yogurt; or getting so hungry you can’t find the local Chinese takeout’s menu – even though you know it came through the door the other day – you need to regroup and get some food apps in your life.

Food apps took on a whole new life during lockdown, especially home delivery food apps, but there are countless others worth exploring as we come out of lockdown in 2021.

In fact, why not centralise how you manage your eating, cooking and food shopping for the year ahead?

Here are some super handy food apps that’ll help you do it…

7 of the best food apps

1. Out of Milk

Instead of doodling lists on the back of envelopes, or getting home from the supermarket only to have your housemates point out you’ve forgotten the loo roll, again, download Out of Milk. You can use it to set up a ‘pantry list’ so you always know how your stocks are looking, and share lists, so multiple members of the household can make notes and add items.

Cost: Free, available on the App store and Google Play.

2. Olio

It’s estimated that the UK chucks away £13 billion of perfectly good food every year. Food app Olio offers an alternative to being part of that colossal waste and gives you the chance to get to know your neighbours better too. Straightforward to use, just sign up, take a photo of the food you want to giveaway, upload a description, including details of where and when people can collect it, then wait for hungry locals to get in touch. It’s particularly useful if you are defrosting the freezer, have a glut of apples from the allotment, or are off on holiday and don’t want to come back to a fridge of rotting salad leaves. It works the other way around too – get home from work and there’s nothing in the cupboard? Check Olio and see if anyone on your street has ingredients going spare.

Cost: Free, available on the App store and Google Play.

3. Yummly

Hate garlic? Does onion gives you a tummy ache? Can’t find a recipe that doesn’t seem to include at least one or the other? Yummly should be able to help. The recipe app – which has more than a million recipes in its database – moulds to your preferences. All you have to do is click the ‘Yum’ tab on stuff you’d happily scoff, and it will build up a catalogue of new dish recommendations that suit you. You can also search for recipes that only feature ingredients you already have in the fridge, to save a trip to the supermarket, and it’s integrated with Apple’s Health app, so you can keep an eye on your salt and sugar intake too.

Cost: Free, available on the App store and Google Play.

4. OpenTable

Ringing round restaurants trying to wrangle a last-minute booking can be stressful. OpenTable’s app means you can be dashing to meet friends, but searching for availability at nearby restaurants as you travel, without getting into terse conversations with maître d’s. And if you’re on holiday, you can check reviews and book tables at restaurants in cities around the world, from New York to Kuala Lumpur.

Cost: Free, available on the App store and Google Play.

5. Deliveroo


Giving veggie a go this #NationalVegetarianWeek? We’ve got you covered! 🍙🍙

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If you don’t have your local curry house on speed dial, or just fancy a change and already have your slippers on, Deliveroo is one of the best food apps you need for decent delivered-to-the-door takeout choices. Just pop your postcode in and see what’s available, then sit back and wait for your food to arrive. Deliveroo currently operates in most major UK cities, but annoyingly, not in lots of smaller towns. However, they are constantly expanding their service.

Cost: Free, available on the App store and Google Play.

6. Hello Vino


Oh you know we’re getting our #ChardonnayDay on over here. Are you partaking? #treatyoself

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Love drinking it, but not always sure which wine to pick to go with your dinner? The Hello Vino app is designed to save the day when you’re browsing the bottles aisle in a panic over what to put in your basket. Just tell the app what’s on the menu, note the kinds of wine you generally like (fruity, rich, fresh?) and it’ll narrow down your options to a few recommendations. Or, if you want to try something different to your usual bottle of pinot, but don’t know where to start, scan a bottle and Hello Vino will tell you all about it.

Cost: Free, available on the App store and Google Play.

7. Kitchen Stories

This recipes app has won awards from Apple for how beautiful and easy to use its design and layout is. We like it because the food photos are stunning and its step-by-step how-tos and videos are achievable yet simple to follow (and often devised by professional chefs). Plus, veggies and vegans aren’t left out, either. One of the best food apps available.

Cost: Free, available on the App store and Google Play.

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