Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Identity fraud: how to get your money back

If you’ve been a victim of identity fraud you need to act quickly to make get back any money that has been stolen.

Public wifi: how to safely use public wifi

Our guide shows you how to safely connect to public wifi, spot potential scams and hackers and keep your data safe.

Speeding fines: speeding tickets explained

Confused about speeding tickets and speeding fines? Read our guide including what to do if you get a speeding ticket.

Speed cameras: types of speed cameras explained

Our guide to active UK speed cameras reveals the types of average, mobile and fixed speed camera and how they work.

Flight delays compensation: your rights

Know your rights if your flight is delayed or cancelled - you may be entitled to flight delay or flight cancellation compensation.

Cancel broadband: your cancellation rights

Broadband problems? how to cancel broadband and what your rights are when it comes to getting out of a broadband contract.

Who owns hedge: dealing with boundaries disputes

Know your rights regarding who owns hedge and where boundaries are. Our guide can help resolve neighbour disputes about hedges and boundaries.

Making a will: how to make a will

Learn how to make a will - from dividing your estate to choosing an executor - with our guide.

What is probate and when is probate required?

Our guide to ‘what is probate’ explains what probate is, when probate is required and the steps you need to go through.

Contentious probate: contesting a will

Learn about contentious probate - what it is and how to legally contest a will including costs and getting advice.